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   Chapter 1335 Emergency Treatment

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3652

Updated: 2020-01-23 00:02

Despite all conceivable arguments to the contrary, Mamie's first thought was that the man lying lifelessly on the stage couldn't be Devin.

Mamie ran over to the badly injured person, but she couldn't cheat herself anymore, because the watch on the man's wrist was Devin's. It had to be. She specifically remembered watching him wear that watch.

How did this happen?

Before long, the police arrived at the scene and surrounded the entire place. The staff must have called the authorities right after the accident.

When the ambulance finally came, the paramedics put Devin on a stretcher and drove him to the hospital immediately.

Mamie stayed with Devin inside the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

Devin was then rushed to the hospital emergency room where artificial respiration was administered.

Staring at the red light outside the emergency room, Mamie took a deep breath and prayed for a miracle.

The injuries he sustained ranged from cuts and bruises to multiple lacerations that needed stitches.

Three hours passed and the light outside the emergency room w


Mamie clutched her face and was about to speak up when Patricia slapped her in the face again.

"What? How dare you try to say anything?" Patricia was just about to kick Mamie in the belly, but Lenny stopped her.

"That's enough, Patricia. You've made your point. She is carrying a baby."

Lenny stated coldly.

Patricia finally let her go and walked back to him.

The red light outside the emergency room was still on. Suddenly, a doctor came out to approach them.

Lenny asked, "What happened? How is Devin now?"

The pale complexion on the doctor's face hinted towards more bad news. Apparently, he had just come out to speak to them while the other doctors were still trying to save Devin's life.

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