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   Chapter 1329 Who Was Calling

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But none of it mattered. Devin did not rush blindly into this decision. He had already been prepared for the opposition which he knew would come from his father.

There were other ways to ensure Mamie's place in the family.

At worst case scenario, he knew where the household registry was kept and he could steal it. It would be all he needed to marry her.

Besides, Lenny was a father too. Once his grandchild was born, he would surely open his heart and accept the child, wouldn't he?

He was a stoic man, but he was not made of stone.

The elders of the clan did not have much objection. The only condition was an heir. Once Mamie gave birth to their baby, he didn't believe that his father would reject his own grandchild.

Devin was relieved by these thoughts.

His face relaxed as he looked at Mamie. "Darling, it doesn't matter. As long as you can be with me, that's all I need," he said sweetly.

"Don't worry. The only woman I will make into my wife is you."

At his words, Mamie's emotions poured down generously from her chest to her eyes. She felt Devin's arms pull her tighter and she cried softly at his chest.

They stayed in the embrace for a long time.

Devin's familiar scent warmed Mamie and silenced her fears.

She no longer had to be under control of that person.

dinner, with Devin eagerly tasting the dishes that Mamie had lovingly prepared. When they were finished, he stood up and told her to stay put, then went to the sink and washed the dishes. It was the first time he had done such a thing. Mamie's heart grew fonder as she watched him clumsily wash the dishes.

A warm feeling settled over the room. Never had Devin felt such within the walls of his family's house.

Later, Mamie sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. For a time, there was only the quiet murmur of voices from the screen. Her heart was full, and she was relaxed by the soft moment she and Devin had just shared at dinner. However, a ringing from her phone came, as if to break the peaceful ambience that had settled. A sense of foreboding quickly replaced the comfort of the silence. Who was calling? Who knew her new number as soon as she had changed it?

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