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   Chapter 1328 Mamie's Background

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Devin walked into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Mamie and giving her a kiss on her cheek.

"You're amazing! You eve cooked all this delicious food. They smell great."

A rumble came from Devin's stomach as he eyed the simmering dishes in the pots. The tantalizing aroma filled his nose and his mouth watered.

"Do you like them? They're all home cooked." Mamie smiled at him.

The assortment of dishes was like a feast for the eyes. The chicken wings lay crisp, gleaming with oil. There was also pork rib soup and eggplant with brown sauce.

"It all looks so good..."

Warmth flooded through him at the domesticity of the scene. To others, it might have been commonplace, but it was something Devin had never felt in his life before.

The Nalan Clan was rich and powerful, and Devin had been eating food prepared by a personal chef ever since he could remember. The food was always delicious, of course, but mealtimes always came with a certain stiffness. It was always so full of presentation. The food, the plating, table manners...

Not once had he been able to relax.

Devin's childhood

tighter and said, "I have good news. Patricia finally agreed to divorce me. I gave her the 60 million she asked. We'll finalize the divorce this week!"

"Really?" Mamie beamed at his news.

"Really!" he answered excitedly.

He had been caught between love and hate for such a long time, and he was all but exhausted from carrying the weight of both these feelings. At long last, he could breathe. He was looking forward to starting fresh.

"Will we be married soon?" Marnie asked and then looked down worriedly. "But... will your father accept me?"

Devin was speechless at her question. Lenny had said before that he would not let Mamie enter the house.

It was because of Mamie's humble background and the job she used to do.

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