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   Chapter 1325 A Sitting Duck

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3524

Updated: 2020-01-18 00:12

Patricia returned to her dwelling inside the Nalan clan's house. Just as she got into the car, two men had followed behind her.

They were the bodyguards that Jessie had sent to protect her.

Jessie had sent the two bodyguards to monitor and watch over Patricia. Jessie was afraid that Patricia might be harmed.

"The two of you can leave now. You don't have to stay in my room. I had cameras installed beforehand. You may check the monitor by the door if you wish."

The bathroom was the only place that didn't have a camera. Her bed, her closet, and the rest of her room were in full view.

The alarm clock on her phone rang once more. She switched it off immediately and ran to her laptop. She had to cancel the e-mail that would automatically send on the set time.

Patricia was at a loss. She still wasn't sure about going through with the plan. She didn't want to fight Devin in public, and if she eventually sent that email to Linda, the public would be in total uproar. Devin would be put in a very difficult position.

But now Patrici

o bodyguards had even been replaced. 'Patricia must have found out. But how was she able to?' Devin thought quietly.

So Devin had come to Patricia's dwelling to check out what was happening.

He had already prepared the 60 million beforehand. He was still hoping, though, that Patricia would have 'accidentally died', so that his secret would be buried with her.

Otherwise, if he let Patricia go abroad with money, she would just become a ticking time bomb. There was no telling that she might come back home to demand more money from him once she was sick of living abroad. If he kept giving her what she wanted, wouldn't he have a target behind his back? He'd live as a sitting duck forever.

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