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   Chapter 1324 Pay For It

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Updated: 2020-01-18 00:02

Jessie calmly took another sip from her cup of coffee before she turned to look at Patricia. "Why did I help you? My goal doesn't matter because it's different from yours. You don't have to know anything else as long as you can achieve what you want, right?"

Although Jessie had already said so, Patricia couldn't help the feeling that everything was going to mess up, somehow.

Patricia felt uncomfortable. In a game of cat and mouse, she felt like the latter. She felt small and cornered.

"If you don't want to tell me, I won't force you to, Jessie. I just want to say one thing." Patricia was deep in thought. She kept her head down as she pondered, her beautiful eyelashes fluttering as she tried to collect what she was going to say.

She looked absolutely exquisite as she sat there. The light of the coffee shop hit her features perfectly.

She looked just as beautiful as a bright butterfly.

"What?" Jessie asked with her eyebrow cocked.

In the few days that they hadn't seen each other, Patricia seemed to look thinner.

Patricia had lost a considerable amount of weight since

e truth. She just hoped that Jessie would help her. She believed that Jessie was a woman who always kept her word.

After Patricia had left, Jessie sat still.

From behind her, a waitress had seen her empty cup and refilled it quite quickly. Jessie sent her thanks before blowing into the new brew. She watched Patricia depart as she headed for the door downstairs.

'Soon, the perfect time will come. The situation of the entire Nalan Clan will change dramatically.'

Jessie smiled at the thought.

In this world, it was not about how you planned your revenge. It was always subjective. What was the most important, was knowing when to strike. Those who had hurt her would pay, eventually, as long as the timing was right.

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