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   Chapter 1323 Useful

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4036

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Patricia instructed the two bodyguards to keep following her on the way to meet Jessie.

The car rolled forward with Patricia lost in thought as she stared absently outside the window. She couldn't understand why Jessie had done that.

Was it really true that she did it because of Rosy?

Patricia's thoughts entangled themselves into a mess of knots that almost made no sense. Her mood had quickly turned morose as she struggled to figure out what Jessie was thinking.

Suspicion tugged at her nerves. If Jessie turned out to be a treacherously scheming woman…

Patricia cut the next thought off. It was almost frightening. Jessie had always been unreadable. Even now, no one could predict her next move.

Suddenly, Patricia was all too aware of the danger that might just be quietly lying in wait for her.

To avoid the two bodyguards' suspicions, she had brought them with her as usual, but at the last moment, she had slipped a sharp Swiss Army knife in her pocket.

'Just in case, ' she told herself, grasping the cool handle of the blade as if to steady herself.

Inside the coffee shop

Patricia's eyes quickly found Jessie who had been waiting inside.

She walked over to her.


h your two problems outside," she said, referring to her bodyguards. "I can lend you two men to protect you. Don't worry. They can never be bribed."

What was she talking about? Patricia could not understand a thing of what Jessie had just said, but when she was about to ask, the door of the private room suddenly swung open, revealing a man in a suit.

Bowing to Jessie, he said respectfully, "Boss, we have taken care of them. Tomorrow, they would reportedly have died of food poisoning."

Jessie nodded calmly when he finished his report. Then, glancing at Patricia, she said, "Do you understand?"

"Devin bribed them right?" Patricia asked, not really needing an answer. When Jessie just looked at her, Patricia continued, "Then, tell me. Why did you help me? What will you get out of it?"

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