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   Chapter 1319 Keep Silent

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3772

Updated: 2020-01-15 00:12

As fate would have it, Charles still had no idea who was behind the attack even after the investigation. For the first time in his life, he felt so helpless as he was not even able to find the person who had hurt his wife.

However, instead of giving up, he put more effort into finding the mastermind behind the whole plan.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Linda did the best she could to replay the scenes over and over again on her mind hoping to find some clues. But sadly, she was just as clueless as Charles. Apart from a few people such as Patricia and Rosy, Linda couldn't think of anyone else she had offended, but even they would never resort to kidnapping her like that.

Then who else could it be? The only thing she could do was put this matter aside for a while and let Charles and his people carry on with the investigation.

On the other side, Patricia was discharged from the hospital.

The time Patricia spent in the hospital recuperating was one of the most nerve-wracking time of her life. She had given Devin one week to think about whether or not to offer her 100 million and 10% of the stock, but the ant

ht before yesterday told me that she had seen Master Devin here, but she didn't know why he had decided to leave immediately instead of coming in."

Patricia's heart sank the moment she heard that. Fortunately, she had hired those two bodyguards, or else when Devin came here, he must have wanted...

The mere thought of it sent shivers down her spine. Patricia couldn't be happier to have acted on her caution because she might have been dead otherwise.

In the afternoon, Patricia made preparations to go back home.

She called Lenny, not knowing whether he was busy or not at the time, just to inform him that she would be coming back home. Lenny, however, after hearing from Patricia, gave her a perfunctory response and then kept silent.

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