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   Chapter 1318 Different Personalities

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When Little Tomato was rushing to Linda, Charles reached out a hand to stop her. He didn't want her to charge into her mother like Cindy had done earlier. If Little Tomato was rash against Linda, the patient would be in pain once again.

Little Tomato's eyebrows furrowed in confusion when she saw her father's hand block her.

"Daddy! I want to go to Mommy. Why are you stopping me?"

"You have to be careful around Mommy right now, sweetheart. If you hug her, she will be in pain. Be careful, okay? When you come to her, don't jump into Mommy's arms. Be gentle, okay?"

Charles said softly as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Since she was his beloved daughter, he talked to her gently and soothingly.

"Ah... Mommy's in pain?"

Little Tomato asked, looking up at her father with bright doe eyes. She looked over to her mother, who was watching them patiently with a soft smile. Even if she was still too young to understand what had happened, she was able to understand that she had to move lightly when she hugged her mother.

Little Potato, on the other hand, was calmly standing the entire time. Upon hearing what his father

the way to see her. She had missed them terribly.

Little Tomato didn't rush over to Linda, but instead, she asked the servant to carry her to the bed. Only then was she placed gently in Linda's waiting arms.

With a smile, she hugged her mother as lightly as she could.

"Please don't cry, Mommy. I know it hurts, but you'll be fine soon!"

Little Tomato grinned from ear to ear. Linda smiled at her beautiful daughter. She would never regret giving birth to these two wonderful beings.

They were just so adorable!

Although the wound on Linda's back wasn't that serious, she was still asked to stay in the hospital to recuperate for a few days.

She could only be discharged after the doctor checked her again and ensured that her body was back in shape.

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