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   Chapter 1317 Her Back Hurts

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Updated: 2020-01-14 00:12

Somewhere by the side of Linda's back, there was a burning, searing wound. She hadn't felt the pain until her tactless sister Cindy had embraced her too tightly. The pain was quickly becoming unbearable.

"Ouch..." Linda was shivering in cold sweat.

Cindy felt immediately guilty when she saw her sister's pained expression.

She had acted without thinking.

"Linda! I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. What hurts?"

Charles frowned at Cindy's actions. Since she was Linda's sister, he tried to bite his tongue, but he couldn't believe how rash she was with his wife.

She was, indeed, very reckless.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it," Linda replied.

Charles didn't buy his wife's dismissiveness. He glanced at Dragon, saying, "Go ask Anna to check on Linda."

Dragon nodded and left the room to look for Anna.

"Linda. I have been so worried. I heard you were almost kidnapped, again?"

Linda could only nod. Since she had fainted, she had little to know about what had happened after the explosion. Was Charles the one who had found her and Bun?

Linda a slow-efficacy drug? Why did they refuse to harm her? What was the point of kidnapping her?

There were so many questions on Charles' mind.

"Honey," Charles called, as he blinked to look up at his wife. "Let me handle this. Just take care of yourself, and try to replenish your health."

After he said that, the door suddenly burst open again.

This time, two little children ran into the ward.

"Mommy!" one of them yelled.

In front of them, Little Tomato and Little Potato came in, and the little girl rushed over to Linda's hospital bed.

Linda was speechless for a while. She quietly wondered if her daughter would push her once again. She shivered as if she felt her back ache once again.

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