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   Chapter 1315 It Won't Leave A Scar

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4855

Updated: 2020-01-13 00:12

When Linda woke up, all she felt was exhaustion. Opening her eyes alone was so troublesome.

Linda could sense a strong smell of disinfectant and sterilized sheets.

"This must be..." Linda muttered, trying her best to form coherent thoughts.

The scent was familiar enough. She could guess that she was already at the hospital.

"Shh...Honey..." A quiet, soothing voice called, stirring her further awake. She felt a strong, warm hand clasp her own.

The feeling of security... and that soothing voice...It must be Charles.

"Honey..." Linda's eyes started to flutter open but they were still too heavy. Instead, she focused on listening to Charles' soothing voice and feeling his strong hand.

Her throat was so dry that it was starting to hurt when she breathed.

"Honey, relax. Don't move or say anything. You have a fever. Just focus on resting. We can talk when you're better."

As if on cue, Linda felt a sharp pain pierce through her head. Slowly, the memories were flooding back. She remembered that she threw a tiny air bomb that caused their car to explode. She could also remember the seething pain of the fire burning into her back.

After hearing what Charles said to her, Linda frowned. A fever didn't sound like the only thing that was wrong with her.

Regardless, it was too much energy spent. The sharp pain in her head was reverberating. It felt like her skull was being pounded.

"Where's Bun?" Linda asked Charl

s just right. It wasn't too hot, or too cold.

With that, he carefully sat Linda up. He proceeded to wipe her body clean.

No one was as considerate or thoughtful as Charles. After he wiped Linda's body all over, he even brought her clean clothes.

He took Linda's dirty clothes wordlessly and put them away while she put on the new ones.

After her body was cleaned, Linda felt content and comfortable enough. She lay down in bed with a heavy sigh.

She was happy, but somehow, she could still feel a little sting on her back.

"Honey, does your back hurt? It was burned by the hot air. The doctor told me that it might take you a month before it could perfectly heal..."

Linda nodded slowly. Even if she was reassured that her back would heal, her eyebrows furrowed in worry. What if it would leave a scar?

Watching the love of his life grow worried again, Charles smiled and patted her head.

"Honey, relax. Don't worry. It won't leave a scar."

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