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   Chapter 1314 Explosion

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4283

Updated: 2020-01-13 00:02

Linda wanted Bun to wait for an opportunity to get out of the car.

As long as Bun could get out of the car, Linda would trigger the air bomb hidden underneath the dragon ring.

Bun was wholly aware that there was an air bomb hiding in the dragon ring.

It was the Mu Clan's top secret.

But Bun was still in the car. The two men were on to her. They had not given Bun a chance to escape from them that easily.

So, what else could she do to escape? Bun was growing severely anxious over the events that were bound to happen.

As she thought about the whole incident, Bun was deeply regretting her lack of cautiousness. She should have been more careful and vigilant.

If only she had realized that these men were planning to hurt Linda, Bun would have reprimanded them by punching them herself. Maybe then they would realize what it felt like to get hit by someone.

If she had the time to beat them up, surely they would have lost the time to kidnap the both of them later, right?

They even had the audacity to drug them in the car. They were so despicable!

Linda entered the bathroom, deep in thought. She was thinking of a way to get Bun out of the car, and fast. She couldn't pull the trigger if Bun was still inside it.

Suddenly, Linda was able to come u

men. It took less than a second.

Linda instantly yanked Bun down and covered her.

The air bomb exploded in a flash. The explosion totalled the car into absolute ruin.

It was so loud that both Bun and Linda felt their ears stinging.

As the fire went through the car, it lit the gas that had begun to leak. In a matter of seconds, the flame rose up into another large explosion. The explosion was so strong that the car propelled into the sky.

Linda had tried her best to cover Bun with her small body. She wasn't able to get more distance between them and the car.

As the explosions rang, Linda kept herself grounded to the road.

She couldn't help but wail in pain, however. Each second that ticked by she felt like her skin was burning into ashes. It went on until the pain had become unbearable. She lost her consciousness quickly.

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