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   Chapter 1313 A Favorable Opportunity

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4693

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The men sitting in the front seats were stunned agape upon hearing Linda's words.

Having studied psychology, Linda was quite good at gauging people's thoughts. As she noticed the men in front of her trembling at her words, she felt she might after all be right.

Linda had just asked the question tentatively in order to get more useful information from them.

She was surprised to find her speculation was on point.

This proved that all her thoughts about how this kidnapping happened could be plausible.

From the very beginning, these men had been cheating Linda verbally. They had not resorted to any violence yet.

It was because the person plotting this kidnap had ordered these men to catch Linda alive. Therefore, these men dared not hurt Linda even an inch.

"Yes, you are right. But you know what? We can get more money only if we keep you alive..." said the man who was in the passenger seat, with an evil smile on his face.

"So, let me get off the car. All of you are keeping such a close watch on me. Do you think I can escape from under your watch? Don't you trust yourselves at all? I really need to pee. Can I please get off and solve this problem quickly?"

"Me too! Please let the two of us get off and go to the toilet together. Lady Linda is a decent person. I don't think it's appropriate for her to pee into a plastic bag here in the car."

Bun also tried convinc

bomb, the explosion was fairly powerful. Without a doubt, all the people inside the car could die if she threw it inside the car.

The car too would burn to ash. Surely, no one inside would survive under that circumstance.

Linda could not let Bun die and save herself. She had never thought of killing the two men who had kidnapped her, because she wanted to ask them who on earth had plotted this kidnap.

She threw a quick glance at Bun and tidied her hair with her hands. Her dragon ring flickered for a little while.

Bun's eyes were fixed on Linda. She noticed each of her move carefully.

'What did Lady Linda mean?' Bun wondered.

She pondered over Linda's gestures, but couldn't figure out what she was up to.

She looked at Linda again. Linda glanced at the car and then looked at her dragon ring. At last, she opened her mouth briefly and then closed it again.

In an instant, Bun understood what she meant.

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