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   Chapter 1308 Dealing With A Life-or-Death Situation

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Updated: 2020-01-10 00:02

Dragon nervously watched the police car drive off, and waited for the cars he had rented.

He was soon looking at the watch on his wrist which served as a GPS location tracker. It was connected to the chip which he had attached to Linda earlier. This tool was necessary for him to track Linda's location real time.

Dragon felt a little relieved when the police car drove to the correct route.

The cars which Dragon had rented on short notice arrived shortly. With no time to waste, everyone got in hurriedly and followed after Linda.

While on the way, Dragon instructed the driver to speed up in order to catch up with the police cars. He still felt anxious because Linda was out of his sight. He had always followed her before.

"Could you step on the gas? We need to catch up with the car ahead."

"Oh my God. I am driving at a speed of more than one hundred kilometers per hour, and you still want to speed up? I don't want to. What if I get a ticket for speeding?"

Nowadays, the more developed cities were very strict about the implementation of traffic rules. The drivers in these cities were aware that they would be punished severely for over-speeding or driving after drinking. Naturally, the driver of this rented car followed the cit

ntinued to head to the southeast, but Linda's GPS location showed that she was heading to the northeast.

Dragon gritted his teeth and prepared to chase her anew.

"Sir, figure out a way to change our route. For now, you have to leave the high-speed road and head to the northeast. You can stop chasing the police cars!"

Then, Dragon gave instructions to his fellows in the other cars. He told them to continue to follow the police cars and find out what trick they were playing.

Dragon got out of the car secretly. He frantically waved towards a taxi on the high-speed road.

He knocked on the window of the taxi and as soon as the window slid down, he talked to the passenger sitting on the backseat of the taxi. "I have an emergency situation now. Can you let me use this car? I'm dealing with a life-or-death situation!"

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