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   Chapter 1307 Dragon Is Really Thoughtful

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3797

Updated: 2020-01-09 00:12

"We are cops. What are you worried about?" The policeman who was in charge of the case took a step forward and spoke to Dragon.

"It's my duty to protect Lady Linda. I would never let her out of my sight," Dragon responded and looked at the policeman coldly.

The policeman felt annoyed by Dragon's over-protectiveness but he replied reassuringly, "We can also protect your lady. Don't you believe our capability?"

"Of course not. If I believe that you can protect our Lady, why would she even need me?" Dragon could not help but scoff at the policeman. He had thought that the policeman's words of reassurance were simply laughable.

"Don't worry. We are cops. Nothing bad would happen to them if they come with us."

Again, Dragon rejected the idea. "No way," he said while glaring at the policeman.

The policeman who was trying his best to be polite was already on the verge of losing patience. "Ah, why are you so stubborn? We did not bring enough cars for all of you," he replied in an irritated tone.

Linda was anxious to know what had happened to the little boy. How did he die from food poisoning?

So she sai

hat. On another note, Linda believed that the transparent chip he had put on her coat was a device for tracing her location.

Dragon was thoughtful and had made a full preparation in advance.

"My Lady, the chip I stuck to your coat can determine your location and transmit the sounds around you. If you are in danger, you need to cry for help. I will come to save you immediately. We have already arranged the cars and will follow you later."

Linda heard everything. She sighed gratefully for Dragon's thoughtfulness.

However, she believed that Dragon had worried too much. They were in the police car and could never possibly have an accident on the way.

The people who wanted to hurt Linda were in another area, but not in the police cars.

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