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   Chapter 1306 A Murder Case

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4526

Updated: 2020-01-09 00:02

A surprise awaited Linda. As soon as she alighted the bus, a group of policemen suddenly surrounded her.

"Are you Ms. Linda Xia?"

One of the policemen came forward and asked Linda politely.

Bun briefly glanced at Linda in confusion before training her gaze at the policeman who spoke.

Linda asked calmly, "Who are you?"

The policeman wordlessly showed Linda his badge. Without waiting for Linda's confirmation, he continued, "Hello, Ms. Xia. We suspect that you have something to do with a murder case. With this, you need to come with us to the police station."

A murder case?

Linda tilted her head in puzzlement.

She just came here for a trip. How come she was suspected of having something to do with a murder case?

"Can you please explain and make it clear to us?" Linda requested.

Dragon came over as soon as he noticed Linda being surrounded.

Wading through the group of policemen, he cast a calculating look and in an intimidating voice, he asked, "My Lady, is there a problem?"

Linda shook her head. "This is nothing. The police just suspect that I am involved in a murder case."

The policeman explained, "Yes, Ms. Xia. Do you still remember that you bought a box of milk in the supermarket near the hospital two hours ago and then offered it to a four-year-old boy?"

Linda was getting a bad feeling about th

Now, she believed that someone was orchestrating the whole thing from behind the scenes.

"Sir, how will we go there?" Linda asked.

Pointing at a police car parked nearby, the policeman replied, "You and this lady can get in our car."

"Oh, I am sorry. I came with a group of guys."

At that exact moment, Dragon walked over. At the same time, all the men from the Mu Security Team who were previously blending in with the crowd, stood behind Dragon.

The policemen were intimidated. There were thirteen men in total, and they had not driven enough cars to fit all these men.

Dragon would never make a concession when it came to Linda's safety.

The policeman replied, "It doesn't matter. You two can go with us, and your men can just go there by bus, which comes every fifteen minutes."

"No." Dragon refused decisively. It was impossible to let Linda out of his sight for so long.

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