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   Chapter 1305 Get To The Town

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4558

Updated: 2020-01-08 00:12

"How are you feeling now? Is there anything wrong?" Linda asked gently.

To her surprise, the boy kept staring at the ceiling wordlessly.

Linda walked over to the boy and carefully sat by the chair beside the boy's bed. She continued to quietly observe the boy who was staring into the distance with glassy eyes.

'Is the boy afflicted with psychological issues?

Why does he look so aggrieved? Is he sad because of his congenital heart disease?

Or does it hurt to speak because of the stick of the lollipop which was just removed from his jaw?'

Linda was overwrought by so many questions. As a psychology graduate, the boy's strange behavior piqued her interest.

Even though she approached the boy, he still kept quiet.

Linda stretched her hand out and gently put it on the boy's shoulder.

"What's wrong? Why don't you talk to me? What made you sad? You can share your thoughts and feelings with me. Then, I will be able to help you."

Linda spoke to the boy in a very soothing voice, hoping that the boy would trust her. The situation turned a little better as Linda had predicted. Finally, the boy turned around and looked at her curiously.

At this sight, Linda proceeded to take a lollipop out of her pocket and offered it to the boy. Afterwards, she asked, "Do you want to eat a lollipop?"

Linda smiled brightly while talking to t

impose a strict food restriction on the boy. Thus, she went to consult the doctor, who said that the boy could only drink liquids for now. He was not allowed to eat solid food until his wound healed.

Linda planned to buy some milk for the boy as per the doctor's instructions.

She went to a supermarket with Bun and bought a lot of snacks for the boy. Even though the boy could not eat the snacks for the time being, he could eat them after he recovered. Of course, they bought some milk for the boy.

After shopping, Linda returned to the hospital and visited the boy again before their scheduled departure.

She had to depart for QG Town with Bun.

Originally, she had planned for a week-long travel with Bun, but so far, she and Bun had spent two days here in the hospital.

Luckily, the hospital was quite near QG Town. It would only take them about half an hour to get to the town by bus.

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