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   Chapter 1304 How Are You Feeling Now

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4665

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Before they set out, Bun had conducted a thorough investigation on the boy and his mother.

"My Lady, I found out that this woman was only pretending to be rich. I cannot find a reason for her to speak and act arrogantly."

Linda wordlessly listened to Bun's report. A few seconds later, she asked, "Is she or any of her family members related to a politician?"

She then proceeded to put on her clothes as she waited for Bun's reply.

"No, My Lady. The woman's name is Carrie Cheng. The boy was indeed her son, and he is now four years old. I also found out that when the boy was born, his father suddenly disappeared and never returned home."

Linda was surprised to hear that the father had abandoned the family. Frowning, she asked, "Why?"

The normally calm Bun also looked a bit bothered by this fact. "I don't know," she replied simply. "But I have checked the boy's hospital records just to be sure. I have thought that it has something to do with a birth defect. Indeed, the records showed that he was born with a heart disease."

It was no wonder.

Perhaps, the boy's father hated the fact that his son was born with a congenital defect. Moreover, heart disease was a serious health issue.

Since his son was born with it, a lot of effort and money would be needed to ensure that his son would be kept alive.

There was also a huge chance that the heart disease was her

she ordered, "Dragon, watch her. Stop her from following us. I am already annoyed."

Dragon, who kept an eye on them not far away, nodded immediately. "Yes, My Lady!" He then briskly walked towards Carrie Cheng to immobilize her. Finally, Linda and Bun were able to walk into the hospital in peace.

The doctor who was in charge of the boy came over. Linda asked about the boy's situation. The doctor told her that he had been out of danger and the lollipop had been taken out from his jaw.

At the moment, the boy's condition was very stable, but he seemed to be always in a bad mood.

After thanking the doctor, Linda and Bun walked into the child's ward and opened one of the doors gently. The boy was lying still on the bed, his eyes trained on the ceiling.

Noticing that Linda came in, he just glanced at her and kept quiet.

The he continued to stare at the ceiling.

Linda asked, "How are you feeling now?"

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