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   Chapter 1301 The Wealthy People Are Lawless

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4600

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The unfortunate incident attracted the attention of the train chief. As soon as he heard what had happened, he came around to check on the boy.

"Don't worry. We've administered first aid, and the boy is stable. We have called for medical assistance, and the ambulance should arrive in a few minutes. The boy should be all right. This was clearly a very unfortunate accident, but we will shoulder the responsibility for it."

The train chief saw the young boy crying as they administered first aid. He would probably be fine, but he was very shaken up. The sight moved the train chief, who was also a father.

"I don't want you to take the responsibility. It was that woman's fault! The lollipop was hers! She is a grown-up, and she still eats lollipops? Would you trust someone like that?"

The boy's mother was determined to pin all the blame on Linda. She was insistent, and it almost seemed as if she hated Linda.

On the way to the hospital, Linda could not help but think about one thing.

Why did this boy's mother insist on blaming her?

It was surprising and disturbing.

The train chief had already tried to reassure her that the train company would take full responsibility for what had happened. This should have been enough to reassure anyone else.

It really wasn't Linda's fault. It was the train's hitch that had caused the accident. The train ha

tepped aside, very confident that she had made her point.

"My Lady? Oh, are you hurt? I apologize for that show of violence earlier. It appears that I have overstepped my bounds. Oh, my! Why am I so poor? Why does this always happen to me? I'm so pitiful, so pathetic! The wealthy people are lawless! They can kill anyone without a second thought. But a poor peasant's child, is still a child!"

Linda could not understand this woman. It seemed as if she had suddenly had a change of heart.

Now, she seemed genuinely remorseful for causing Linda so much trouble. Linda couldn't understand it.

Just now, the same woman had asked if Linda knew who she was.

Linda had guessed that she came from a powerful background, but now why was she suddenly referring to her son as a "peasant's child?" Linda couldn't understand what the woman meant when she said "lawless" or "kill anyone without a second thought."

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