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   Chapter 1299 Lollipop

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As Bun happily reached out for a lollipop, she asked, "My Lady, you still remember that coke flavor is my favorite?"

"Of course, I do," Linda replied with a smile.

Before Bun could respond, a little kid nearby began crying. "Mommy, I want to have a lollipop too!"

Linda turned around and saw the little boy sitting beside them on the other side of the train. He was crying with his eyes fixed on the lollipops in Linda's hand.

At the sight of this, Linda wanted to hand the little boy a lollipop, but before she could do it, she heard the little boy's mother say, "My son wants to have a lollipop. Give him one!"

Linda and Bun exchanged perplexed glances with each other upon hearing the woman's imperative tone of voice.

When the little boy saw that Linda didn't respond to his mother, he rudely stretched out his hand in an attempt to grab a lollipop from Linda.

But Linda drew her hand back right away. It was so sudden that the boy nearly fell off his seat.

At once, he burst into tears, perhaps out of fear.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You're so mean! A lollipop is only worth a few pennies. You can't even give one to my son?"

The moment the entitled little boy started crying, his mother stood up from her seat and started cursing at Linda.

"Are you crazy?" Bun finally retorted, unable to help herself.

"I am not, but I think the two of you are crazy. Is that lollipop so valuable?"

Through his tears, the boy saw his mother arguing on his behalf, so he whined once again, "Mommy, I want a lollipop!" He was acting like a picture-perfect version of a spoiled child.

"Baby, don't cry!" the woman coaxed her son. Then, she said to Linda in an angry tone, "You made my son cry. Give him a lollipop right now."

But Linda found the woman's words so ridiculous that she sneered outright at her.

By now, she had a vague impression of this little boy.

He seemed to be naughty and ill-educated

of the Mu Security Team were sitting around to protect her from any accident. Besides, if something did happen, they could easily wake her up.

After a while, the sound of a violent crash jerked Linda awake.

The train suddenly jerked to a stop and, the very next moment, it was filled with the sound of screaming.

Still lost in a daze, Linda vaguely heard the little boy's mother crying.

She frowned and rubbed her sleepy eyes in annoyance as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing in front of her.

"Baby! My baby, wake up! Don't scare me. Wake up!"

The woman was carrying the boy in her arms and crying hard. In the meantime, the little boy's mouth was bleeding.

Linda noticed that the little boy's mouth was wide open, as if there were something inside it.

She craned her neck and spotted something that looked like a stick inside that boy's mouth.

"Why is there a stick inside his mouth?" she asked Bun.

Bun had woken up earlier than Linda and was staring at the woman and her son with her eyebrows tightly knitted.

Seeing the puzzled expression on Linda's face, she explained, "My Lady, it seems that the kid stole a lollipop from us and began eating it while we were sleeping. When the train was braked for an obstacle, the stick rammed into his jaw."

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