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   Chapter 1295 A Girls' Trip

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Updated: 2020-01-03 00:12

Linda's kids heard that she would be going away for a week, and they couldn't help themselves. They began to cry.

Linda had thought Little Potato would not cry this much. After all, he had proven to be strong and tough before.

Linda did not expect Little Potato to grab her trousers tightly and cry with no shame. This was so unlike the boy who always tried to be cool.

Little Potato didn't say anything, but he didn't need to. Linda could see that he was very sad.

Little Tomato seemed to take it worse. Even before Linda finished explaining, Little Tomato had broken down in tears. It was too much for Linda, who hugged them both and tried to comfort them.

The kids couldn't fully understand what Linda was saying. They were too young to fully understand anything, but what they did know was that she was going to leave them for several days.

"Ah... Mommy, don't leave us."

"Mommy won't leave you. I am just going to travel with Auntie Bun and will be back in a short while."

Linda tried to explain it as best as she could to the kids, but they still continued to cry. It broke Linda's heart to see them like this.

his nagging. He seemed more like a nanny now, than her husband, and it was time to stop.

"Enough. You talk too much!" Bun pushed Brian aside.

"What's wrong, honey? I'm just worried about your safety. I just want you both to be careful."

Brian was not really taking this trip very well.

The previous night, when Bun had told Brian about her coming trip with Linda, he had not felt very enthusiastic about it. He was very worried about their safety all the time.

Brian had constantly asked Bun if he could go with them.

Bun had flatly refused Brian. It didn't matter how many times he would plead with Bun. Bun was firm about his not coming with them. After all, Charles wouldn't be going, so why should Brian?

This would be a girls' trip.

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