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   Chapter 1294 His Beloved Wife

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4576

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"Don't worry about a thing here at home, honey. I'll take care of everything. You deserve a trip like this to unwind. Besides, it's been a while since you went out on a trip."

Charles spoke lovingly to Linda while patting her on her shoulder.

He stared at Linda with much affection.

It was just as Charles had said. Linda had not gone on a vacation in a long time. She had always been too busy with matters of family, business, and even conflict. It had been so long since Linda had truly taken time out to enjoy herself.

Deep down, she wanted to travel outside to view mountains and rivers, for a change.

"Young Master, you can be rest assured. I will take good care of Lady Linda while we are away." Bun was very excited to go on this trip with Linda. She was very happy and enthusiastic upon hearing Charles approve of their trip together. It was the best way to catch up with Linda, after all this time.

It had been so long since Linda and Bun reconnected, and this trip would be great for both of them.

Charles nodded in acknowledgement and smiled at Bun.

After thinking for a while, Bun added, "Young Master, I am still aware of the dangers that you both constantly face as the Young Master of the Mu Clan. Security concerns have always been an issue. Perhaps I should ask more security detail to accompany us? Perhaps I should ask the Mu Secu

t ease. She reassured them that she would be back in no time at all.

Linda would not see Charles or the kids for the entire week.

Charles was reluctant to see Linda gone for a week. It wasn't such a long time, but he would miss her very much. Charles loved Linda so much that he wanted her to enjoy herself and take a real break from all the stresses of running the Mu Clan.

As the Young Lady of the Mu Clan, Linda spent most of her time at home handling many things from business to family matters. Such a schedule could take a toll on anyone, and Charles wanted her to take a break from it all.

Linda was very busy with a lot of things, and Charles wanted her to take it easy for a change. He cared for her very much, and he could easily provide for her needs. He was wealthy beyond measure, but Charles knew that wealth alone wouldn't be enough to provide a good life for Linda, his beloved wife.

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