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   Chapter 1291 Send To Linda's Mailbox Automatically

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3810

Updated: 2020-01-01 00:12

Patricia had not slept a wink, and could barely rest on her bed. Her entire body was alert, and there was no way she could relax now. Devin's threat was still fresh on her mind.

No one knew what had transpired in the room with her and Devin. No one knew about Devin's murderous intent, but she was fully aware of what Devin could do.

Patricia thought long and hard about what had happened. She thought about telling someone about what Devin had done, but she was not sure if this was a good idea. If she did that it could spread, and if Devin found out, she would be in real trouble.

Patricia wasn't sure if there was anyone she could trust with this kind of information.

Lying on the bed, Patricia began to consider her options very carefully. She had to think this through. Devin was deadly serious about keeping his secrets, but Patricia couldn't just let him get away with all of this.

With the way Devin had behaved earlier, Patricia thought that she was just lucky to still be alive. A man like that was deadly serious, and Patricia could not be sure when he would try to kill her again. When that happened, Patricia was n

t would be used for another purpose.

Patricia had considered connecting through the public Wi-Fi station of the hospital, but she decided against it.

She could not be sure if the network was secure, and if someone traced the emails to her, it could potentially be disastrous. She decided to use her phone's 4G connection instead.

When she opened an online storage system, four videos showed on the screen.

Each of the videos lasted a little more than an hour.

Patricia compressed these videos and attached them to an email. After everything was finished, Patricia set the fixed time for the email. It would be sent within three days.

If Patricia had any accident within three days, this email would be sent to Linda's mailbox automatically.

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