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   Chapter 1290 A Brush With Death

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4838

Updated: 2020-01-01 00:02

"Shut up! Just shut up already!" Devin shouted.

"What's the problem, Devin? Can't you take it when someone fights you on an even playing field?"

Patricia could see that Devin was squirming as she spoke. The whole scene was priceless. She had never seen such a powerful man like Devin being brought down like this.

Patricia did not feel that she was doing anything wrong. She simply enjoyed seeing Devin like this, and she felt that he deserved it.

There was no love between the two of them now. They were far from husband and wife now, and had become bitter enemies. There was no turning back for Devin and Patricia now.

Devin could not take any more of this. He felt that Patricia had long gone too far. Her emotional and financial blackmail was just too much for Devin, who suddenly came upon an insidious idea. What if Patricia simply died? If she was no longer living, there would be no way that she could torment him like this.

It was an impulsive and insidious idea. But Devin considered it very carefully in his head, and stared at Patricia. One could see the hatred reflecting in his eyes.

Devin silently closed and locked the door of the room. It was just him and Patricia inside the ward. They were alone.

Something in Patricia's gut told her that something was wrong. It was a silent survival instinct inside her, and it was warning her of imminent danger.

She realized that Devin could not be up to anything good

n Nalan, you have been treating me so badly since I got acquainted with you. I've always prepared for you doing something this stupid and crazy before!"

"Well, fine... Maybe you're right. I won't kill you. It would probably be too risky, after all. But let me warn you! You'd better not start spilling my secrets. If you do that, I might just really get the nerve to finish all of this."

Devin walked out of the room, and dropped the fruit knife on the ground. The knife fell to the floor with a loud clanging noise. It rattled on the ground before finally settling and lying still.

Patricia moved back to the wall and began to sweat profusely. She wiped the sweat from her face.

She was shaking like a leaf. She couldn't believe what just happened.

She just had a brush with death, and barely escaped with her life.

She could see that Devin would have killed her, if she had failed to persuade him. Patricia realized that she was lucky, for now.

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