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   Chapter 1284 What She Wanted

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4070

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Rosy rushed to Patricia's ward and pushed the door open. She did not bother to knock, and simply walked inside.

Patricia was still lying on the bed, as Rosy stormed into the ward.

A nurse was giving her an injection.

"Lady Rosy, what are you doing here? Lady Patricia has just come from an operation, and she is very weak. She cannot entertain visitors now, as she needs her rest."

This nurse was quite dedicated to her job, and she knew what was best for her patients.

The nurse was well aware of how Lenny favored Patricia. She knew that Patricia was not an ordinary patient. Because of that, she tried to show her extra care.

She took good care of Patricia and hoped that she would get a promotion for all her hard work.

"Are you telling me I shouldn't be here?"

Rosy was clearly furious after hearing what the nurse had said.

"No, no. I didn't mean anything like that."

The nurse was sensible and planned to close the door, but Rosy stopped her.

"Who told you to close it? I am feeling hot. Leave the door open."


Although Patricia was weak, she was conscious. She could see that Rosy was fuming, and it would not be pretty. There was no point in leaving the nurse there

uldn't allow herself to be Rosy's pawn, anymore.

She would not allow herself to be used by Rosy.

Patricia was tired of being used by Rosy, and she could not allow that, not anymore.

Patricia was also totally disappointed with Devin.

If this baby were Devin's, Patricia would have some hope. She would not have allowed this.

But she was beyond hope now and had become totally jaded. She did not want to be a Lady of the Nalan Clan, anymore. Any thoughts of being Devin's wife had long vanished from her mind.

She wanted to seize this chance and have a talk with Devin.

The only thing Patricia wanted now, was to leave this sordid chapter of her life behind her and move on.

Devin could stay with any woman he wanted now. It did not matter for Patricia. And she could get what she wanted.

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