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   Chapter 1283 Control the Situation Through Public Opinion

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3901

Updated: 2019-12-28 00:12

What? Patricia had lost her baby?

Hearing the news, Rosy was stunned.

How could this have happened? Hadn't the baby been in a good condition just a few days earlier? Rosy had been told that Devin had quarreled with Patricia after coming back to the Nalan Clan's residence.

During that quarrel, he had pushed her heavily.

Patricia had then been taken to the Nalan Clan's private hospital to be examined. Luckily, nothing bad had happened to her then.

So how could she have lost the baby now?

'I have to go to the hospital and see her!'

Rosy thought, immediately rising to her feet.

Was it possible that Patricia was playing a trick on her?

The truth was, Rosy and Jessie had realized that they couldn't keep Patricia under their control forever, so they had made some other preparations instead. That, of course, was Mamie Chen.

But they hadn't expected things to happen so quickly. Before Mamie had been able to do anything, Patricia had lost her baby.

Now, Rosy didn't have any cards in her deck that she could use to control Patricia. That baby had been something that she could use to blackmail Patricia.

She couldn't reveal the se


"How could they enter the hospital? What do they want to do?"

The nurse shook her head and replied, "I don't know either! But it seems that they came here to interview Lady Patricia!"

Reporters were at the hospital?

This reminded Rosy of the time when she had to get her hand amputated and reporters had come to interview her. She immediately realized something.

The reporters had probably been called to come here by Patricia herself!

She was really so smart as to want to control the situation through public opinion.

If she managed to sway the public opinion to her side, then Devin wouldn't dare to divorce her even though she'd lost the baby.

Realizing this point, Rosy became even more enraged. She turned around and rushed to Patricia's ward.

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