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   Chapter 1282 Lady Patricia Has A Miscarriage

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Updated: 2019-12-28 00:02

'Jessie Luo, are you looking down upon me? You are nothing but an arrogant fool! I'll show you that I am not to be looked down upon!'

Rosy thought in rage.

She had not expected Jessie to have left like that.

Because Jessie had abandoned her to her fate, Rosy realized that she would have to depend on herself.

Rosy returned to her room feeling enraged and dejected. This was hardly the ideal situation, but all was not lost.

Rosy still had an ace up her sleeve that she could use against her brother.

That was Mamie.

Devin had no idea that Rosy and Jessie had arranged for them to meet in the first place. Rosy and Jessie had set events in motion and manipulated everything so Devin and Mamie could meet and fall in love.

Their relationship was no accident, and everything was planned from the start. It was Rosy and Jessie who had planned everything to perfection.

How else could a random woman working in a night club have met Devin by chance? Mamie easily won Devin's heart, just as Rosy had planned.

Everything had been planned to the last detail. Mamie bore a striking resemblance to Jessie, and this was not by chance. No, Jessie had planned all of it, from the start.

All that was not a coincidence.

Rosy took out a picture from her draw

Rosy knew the score, and everything was still going, as planned. As long as she had Mamie's sick brother, Mamie would do whatever she said. As long as Rosy held Mamie's brother captive, Mamie would follow her orders.

Perhaps in time, Mamie would not be so compliant. In due time, she might prove to be a loose cannon, someone that Rosy could not control. Rosy would not allow it to come to that.

In Rosy's experience, Patricia had always been her tool.

There was a time that Rosy could easily control Patricia, but the times had changed drastically. Patricia had recently developed a mind of her own.

Rosy had long needed someone to replace Patricia as a tool.

Rosy's thoughts were interrupted by a servant who barged into her room and looked quite troubled.

"Lady Rosy, I bring terrible news. Lady Patricia has had a miscarriage."

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