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   Chapter 1281 Got A Feeling Of Losing Jessie

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4695

Updated: 2019-12-27 00:12

Rosy was extremely narrow-minded and never took advice from others.

Because of this, Jessie intended to give up on Rosy. She would rather concentrate on her own undertakings in the Luo Group than continue wasting her time on Rosy, a woman who wasn't even willing to listen to her advice.

"Jessie Luo, what do you mean? Are you still angry with me?"

Jessie's words somewhat annoyed Rosy.

Upon hearing Rosy's question, Jessie walked back toward Rosy and stared at her, thinking about the most appropriate way for her to continue persuading Rosy.

After all, Rosy was one of her best friends. No matter how much she wanted to give up on Rosy, Jessie found it hard to leave her just like that.

"Rosy, I've told you many times that if you really regard me as your good friend, you should listen to my advice. All I'm saying is that it would be bad for you if you lay a finger on Linda in the future."

"Why? Linda has put me in such a miserable situation and hurt me so badly! How can I vent my anger if I don't take revenge on her?"

There was no way Rosy was going to listen to Jessie's suggestion.

As she said those words in an aggrieved manner, she looked at her hands and the burn scars on her legs.

All these wounds had been left because of Linda.

Recollecting all the ways she had been hurt by Linda, Rosy became even more determined not to forgive Linda or let go of her easi

he truth was, Jessie had kept Rosy company and given her help all these years. She had never left Rosy alone no matter how many times Rosy lost her temper.

Since she had been born into a clan that was more powerful than the Luo Clan, Rosy had always felt superior to Jessie and had never treated her as a friend. But in spite of Rosy's caprices, Jessie had been always tolerant of Rosy.

But now, after hearing Jessie's cold words and seeing her indifference, Rosy more or less felt that she was going to lose her one pillar of support.

By the time Rosy came to realize this and ran after Jessie to persuade her to help her like she'd always done, Jessie was already out of sight.

For fear of losing Jessie, Rosy continued running in an attempt to catch up with her. But when she arrived at the gate of the Nalan Clan, she saw that Jessie had already gotten into her car. Then, she witnessed the car speed away out of sight.

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