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   Chapter 1280 Know Well About Her

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3502

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"Don't talk about that. I don't want to hear it."

Jessie's words had reminded Rosy of how unhappy she felt.

She hadn't expected her father to be so partial to her brother.

It was just as Jessie had guessed.

In the beginning, Rosy hadn't believed that her father would be so cruel. Anyway, even if he loved Devin more, their grandfather had said that both Rosy and Devin would get half of the Nalan Clan's fortune.

But contrary to Rosy's expectations, Lenny wanted to give all the fortune to her brother without giving her anything, because in his eyes, she would be a member of another family after she got married.

"I have to remind you about it,"

Jessie insisted.

"I see."

Rosy was becoming impatient. She only wanted Jessie to say the things she wanted to hear.

Seeing Rosy's expression, Jessie shook her head helplessly and prepared to leave.

She didn't want to embarrass herself here anymore. She had already taken over the Luo Group.

In fact, she had made the Luo Group much stronger.

Since Rosy was being

Jessie had taken over the Luo Group, she hadn't minded giving some advice to Rosy.

But things were different now.

Richard, who had been in a coma after Rosy's attempt on his life, was back. It was fortunate for everyone that he didn't want revenge; he just hoped that the future generations of the Nalan Clan could live in peace without hurting one another.

So, there was a possibility for things to go back to normal without anyone having to suffer consequences.

Jessie firmly believed that Linda wouldn't challenge Rosy since she had promised Richard that she wouldn't. However, Jessie didn't believe that Rosy could control herself. She knew Rosy's personality better than anyone.

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