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   Chapter 1279 Her Side Face

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4772

Updated: 2019-12-26 00:12

Just now, Lenny had fallen into his son's scheme. But at the same time, he had gotten a piece of news straight from Devin's mouth.

It turned out that Mamie was pregnant with Devin's child.

Patricia had been allowed to move into the Nalan Clan's residence just because of her pregnancy. But now, Devin had told Lenny that Mamie was also pregnant with his baby. Lenny really couldn't understand what kind of women his son liked. 'Is the relationship between Devin and Mamie that serious?' Lenny wondered.

At the rate things were going, Lenny was worried that his son would fall in love with someone else after he married Mamie.

If he did, the Nalan Clan would end up being a laughingstock.

To avoid such an outcome, Lenny asked Devin, "Have you thoroughly considered your marriage with that woman this time?"

"Yes, I've thought over it twice."

"Good. Since you've made up your mind, I will support you! I agree to your relationship with Mamie. You can be together with her,"

Lenny responded after thinking it over for a while.

"Father, really?"

Devin hadn't expected that his father would agree to his decision so easily. He had thought that he would have to try every means to persuade his father. But before Devin could get over the initial shock and actually enjoy Lenny's approval of the marriage, Lenny continued, "Yes, but on one condition!"

As Devin had expected, Lenny couldn't have agreed to

"Jessie, I find it so interesting. My brother is dealing with complicated matters like love and hatred. And I can't believe that my brother is being so loyal to love."

"If he was really loyal to love, he couldn't have treated Patricia that way," Jessie said with a faint smile on her face.

Today, Rosy was in a very good mood, so she just replied with a smile, "Hey, both of us are clear that you're the woman my brother loves. Look at the woman that he's with now."

After finishing her words, Rosy casually picked up a picture of Mamie from the table beside her.

"Look at this woman's profile. Do you really think that my brother actually loves her? Jessie, you're really smart. You can't tell me that you don't know what my brother is thinking."

Jessie fell silent upon hearing Rosy's words.

"Okay, stop making fun of me. Now, I think you'd better consider what you should do next. I think you heard what your father just said."

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