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   Chapter 1278 Such A Small Trick

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Lenny answered without hesitation, "Of course. Why don't you believe my words?"

"If you just want the babies, it's no problem. Anybody can have my baby, right?"

Devin asked on the other end of the line.

"What do you mean? I don't think I like what you're trying to say."

Lenny did not like the way Devin was speaking.

"All right, father. I will forgive you if you do not understand what I meant. After all, you must be getting older, so I need to explain things more clearly. I guess it comes with age. Let me make myself clear. You want grandchildren so desperately, and it doesn't matter who carries them! I don't want Patricia to be the mother of my future kids! I want Mamie to give birth to my children!"

Lenny's eyes almost popped out of their sockets at Devin's words. What his son was suggesting was at best nonsense, and at worst shameful. "Have you truly lost your mind? Patricia is already carrying your children! She is pregnant! Would you abandon them?"

Devin answered Lenny with no hesitation, "Yes, I would. I really don't like Patricia. If she gives birth to my babies, I will regret it for the rest of my life."

Lenny was overwhelmed by the urge to slap Devin, or do anything unreasonable. But they were just talking on the phone; he couldn't do anything. His son was so unreasonable now. "You don't know what yo

as afraid that Lenny would get ashamed and angry. He would not admit anything. Besides, it was not his words that trapped Lenny. It was Lenny's own anger and lack of foresight.

If Lenny had been thinking straight, he would never have blurted out what he had said. He would have thought his words through, but he had not. Now, he was compelled to see things through, lest he be considered dishonorable.

A man was only as good as his word. This was what was strictly followed and observed in the Nalan Clan. Devin knew this all too well, and he knew that his father was now honor bound to see this through.

Lenny was speechless.

He had a lot of experience in business, in life, and even in matters of the heart. How could he have made such a terrible mistake? It was a small trick, and he had fallen for it. But who had played the trick on Lenny? Was it Devin, or his own impulsive anger?

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