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   Chapter 1275 Some Things Shouldn't Be Seen

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3324

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The nurse was really good at giving a massage, and Patricia gradually felt the discomfort leave her.

In less than an hour, the nurse finished the job.

During that time, Patricia had dozed off without meaning to. When the nurse saw that Patricia was asleep, she decided to leave quietly without disturbing her.

Before leaving, the nurse wanted to put Patricia's clothes back on her, but she realized that the air-conditioner in the room was turned on.

So, Patricia wouldn't feel cold even if she wasn't wearing any clothes.

On top of that, the nurse thought that Patricia would have better blood circulation in her chest this way.

So, she just closed the door and left.

Anyway, this was the Nalan Clan's private hospital where no strangers could enter. And the two doctors in charge of Patricia as well as all the nurses were female.

But that nurse hadn't predicted that Lenny would come here all of a sudden.

Lenny arrived a little after noon. The doctors had gone to ha

a massage.

What had happened?

But Patricia didn't have time to think too much.

At that moment, she heard Lenny say, "Okay, I will come to visit her later. Take good care of her."

Patricia had a lot to talk about with Lenny and wanted him to stand up for her, so after carefully checking her clothes, she hurriedly shouted, "Father, I am awake. Come in."

"You're awake? How are you feeling? I've brought you chicken soup."

"My Lady, you're awake? My Lord, please wait a moment. I will go in and help her get dressed."

The nurse pushed the door open and went in at once.

But when she was inside, she saw that Patricia was already dressed.

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