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   Chapter 1273 She Only Had One Life

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4218

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"No! Let me tell you, the babies must not be harmed, no matter what! I believe you should be able to do that. Otherwise, you don't deserve a million dollars that you receive as your annual salary!"

Lenny said with a cold expression on his face.

The Nalan Clan's private hospital was not a place where mediocre doctors could work.

"And ask someone to find Devin and bring him here!"

Lenny's heart wrenched in pain.

Why hadn't his son just done what was expected of him? Just a few days before, Lenny had told Devin that he could have mistresses, but not until after the birth of his children.

Moreover, that woman he was with now was only a prostitute. Lenny thought that Devin should dump her as he could have any woman he liked.

But why hadn't Devin listened to him? And this time, things had crossed a line—Devin was so rude to Patricia.

Lenny's precious grandchildren had almost been killed because of Devin's impulsive behavior.

"Yes, My Lord!" the butler responded quickly.

"If he refuses to come here, just tie him up and bring him!" Lenny added.

This time, Lenny was really furious at his son.

Devin's actions had put him to shame.

The operation took two hours. Lenny was still waiting outside the operating room when t

scene from six hours ago was still lingering in her mind. Although she had had her eyes closed at that moment, she'd still heard everything that was happening around her.

"If you really can't make sure that both the babies and their mother survive, you should put the babies' lives first!" Lenny's words echoed in her ears over and over again.

Hearing that sentence had completely crushed her.

She had always been aware that Lenny had become nice to her only because of the babies in her belly.

And yet, she couldn't help feeling depressed about it now. Tears flowed continuously down her cheeks.

She had always known that she had poor health. But she was terrified to think about giving birth, now that she knew that she might die during the process.

She could have another baby in the future, but she only had one life.

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