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   Chapter 1271 You Can Have A Try

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4519

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"What did you do?" Patricia fell on the ground all of a sudden, and she felt a pain in her belly.

"Don't play coy with me, Patricia! I know you did something to Mamie! What did you do to her? Who the hell do you think you are?"

Devin's face was twisted in rage. He knew that Patricia had something to do with Mamie's recent misfortunes. He just couldn't prove it, and he wasn't sure exactly what it was. But he knew in his heart, that Patricia was behind it all.

He felt sick to his stomach.

Why was Patricia such a woman? He couldn't believe she could stoop so low, or be so vengeful.

"What did I do?"

Patricia yelled.

"I said, stop playing coy with me! I'm not stupid, Patricia! I know what you're capable of!" Devin could barely control the rage in his heart.

"I did nothing. But you have a mistress. You're the one that's done something wrong here! Perhaps you've forgotten that you have a legal wife!"

Patricia endured the pain in her belly and continued.

"Legal wife?"

"Yes, officially, I am the Lady of the Nalan Clan. Who is that bitch?"

Patricia's words only fueled the rage that was already burning within Devin.

He didn't care if Patricia was carrying his babies now. He was too full of rage to even think straight.

Devin could easily order Patricia to have an abortion, and be done with it. If Patricia

xhausted, he finally stopped.

"Are you happy now? This is what you wanted, right? The Lady of the Nalan Clan!" Devin growled and scowled at Patricia. He was like a rabid dog that finally had its way.

Patricia lay on the bed. She was weak, with tears in her eyes. And she didn't even have the power to speak a word.

"Say something!"

"Devin, what am I in your heart?"

Patricia spoke so softly in between sobs that Devin could barely hear her. The words came out in sputters.

Patricia was hurt and desperate.

"Who told you that you are in my heart?" Devin sneered.

Patricia felt a pain on her chest and she felt like she was going to spit blood.

"Stay out of my business. I am telling you. If you dare to do something to Mamie again, you will regret it! I will only tell you this once! Don't even try to hurt her again!" Devin meant every angry word that came out of his lips.

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