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   Chapter 1270 Break In

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Mamie's head itched so much that she found herself on the verge of tears.

Devin found a towel and covered her head so that she couldn't scratch her head anymore. Otherwise, she would get infected.

Mamie sobbed the entire way to the hospital. Taking a glance at her, Devin tried to comfort her in a low voice, "Don't worry. We've almost reached the hospital. It will be all right after we see a doctor."


Devin drove to the hospital as fast as he could. Once they arrived, he took Mamie to the dermatological department.

It wasn't the Nalan Clan's private hospital, so they had to wait in line.

Moreover, it was the weekend, so there were many people waiting to see the doctor. An hour later, it was finally their turn to see the doctor.

The doctor was astonished to see Mamie and wondered why such a beautiful girl had a shaved head.

The doctor thought that Mamie had shaved her head on impulse after going through a rough patch, like being dumped by her boyfriend.

With that thought, the doctor began advising her.

"Girl, how can you torture yourself because of a man? All men are bad! You need to take care of yourself."

Devin, who was standing next to Mamie, felt embarrassed.

Mamie hurriedly explained, "Doctor, no. It's not what you think..."

"Fine, you don't need to explain. I understand. Alas, why did you scratch your head so hard that you bruised the skin?"

The doctor looked at the bloodstain on her head in confusion.

"I don't know why it itches all the time. I couldn't stand it in the morning, so I scratched it..."

Mamie explained, feeling upset.

The doctor took a closer look at her scalp and found something wrong.

"I'll sterilize it and then clean it for you. It won't itch after that. But you need to be careful and protect it. Otherwise, it will get infected. Look, there are many red knots on your scalp. Do you still want it?"

"Doctor, what on earth happene

reaching the Nalan Clan's residence, Devin didn't slow down.

The guards at the gate balked in fear, wondering who had the nerve to break into this villa.

They took a closer look and realized that the person in the car was none other than Master Devin.

Looking at the angry expression on his face, the sensible guards decided not to speak to him. Instead, they discussed it among themselves.

"What's wrong with Master Devin? I've been working here for more than a year and I've never seen him like this before. He looks like he's going to kill someone."

"Who knows! Master Devin hasn't come home at all for one month. It seems that he didn't get along with Lady Patricia... Anyway, I'm not clear about the details and I don't dare to say anything."

Ignoring everything around him, Devin rushed into his quarters.

He saw Patricia standing in front of some roses and clipping the plants in the distance with her back to him.

As he approached her, his anger rose.

Hearing the footsteps from behind, Patricia turned around to look at him.

But she was met with a forceful slap.

Since Devin was a man and he was furious, his slap had contained a lot of strength.

Patricia, who was caught off guard, wasn't able to steady herself. Instead, she fell on the ground.

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