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   Chapter 1269 Itchy On The Head

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5581

Updated: 2019-12-21 00:12

Mamie's body moved gently along Devin's. They pressed against each other, and it felt wonderful.

Despite being bald, Mamie was still sexy and attractive.

Devin found it impossible to suppress his desires with Mamie. He was wildly attracted to her, and he could barely contain his desire for her.

"It's okay. Without hair, you are still so beautiful. Hair is wildly exaggerated anyway. I like you the way you are," Devin said.

"So you still love me as much as you did before?" Mamie asked.

"No, I love you even more, and I will love you forever. Baby, come here..."

Neither Devin nor Mamie had any idea that their conversations were being monitored intently by Patricia. She was listening in on their exchange, and she was not happy.

When Patricia heard their sweet exchange of words, she almost threw down her headset in rage. She could not believe what she was hearing.

Patricia squeezed her hands in anger.

How could Devin do this? How could he still love Mamie despite hearing about her checkered past? How could a man of such affluence and wealth still love a dirty whore like Mamie? How could he pick Mamie over Patricia even if she was bald? Patricia was much more attractive, and even had a full head of hair over her shoulders. It just wasn't fair!

Patricia could not understand what Devin saw in that woman and how he was still attracted to her, despite her obvious flaws.

Patricia noticed that Mamie did bear more than just a passing resemblance to Jessie.

Perhaps that was why Devin was so fond of her.

Before Mamie had left the Nalan Clan's residence, Patricia had ordered one of the servants to plant an inconspicuous bug

eve how long Mamie was in the shower. He was starting to get impatient waiting for her to finish. He felt that something was amiss, so he went to the bathroom to find Mamie. When he pushed the door open, he saw Mamie scratching her head in front of the mirror.

For a moment, what Mamie was doing made Devin sick.

"Are you okay?" Devin asked.

"I've washed the hair. But I still feel very itchy on my head. I don't know why."

Devin walked closer to her and noticed the long and prominent scratch marks of her fingernails all over the back of her head.

"Let's go. I am going to take you to see a doctor,"

Devin suggested. He was disgusted to see Mamie's head so red, swollen, and full of scratch marks. But it did not matter for Devin. He had genuine love and affection for Mamie and wanted to see her cured of whatever this was.

There was no way he was abandoning Mamie to this strange ailment.

Devin did not want to attract any unnecessary attention to themselves, and decided against checking Mamie into the Nalan Clan's private hospital. Instead, he took her to a nearby small hospital.

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