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   Chapter 1268 So Ugly Without Hair

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As a matter of fact, Mamie had said all those words just to get more information about Devin's relationship with Patricia straight from his mouth. Before this, Devin had told her over and over again that there was nothing serious between him and Patricia.

Recently, she had spent most of her time with Devin, and was clear that Devin had been indifferent to Patricia ever since she'd moved into the Nalan Clan's residence.

In fact, from the dismissive way Devin had talked about Patricia, Mamie had suspected that Patricia was just living in the Nalan Clan's residence without any recognized status, even though she'd heard all the servants of the Nalan Clan addressing her as "Lady Patricia." Mamie had believed that in such a situation, Patricia and Devin couldn't have gotten a marriage certificate. But to her shock, it turned out that they had already registered their marriage.

"Oh, you already got the marriage certificate..."

Mamie said, sobbing as if all hope was gone.

"So what if we got the marriage certificate? I don't like her at all. In this modern society, people can easily get a divorce after getting a marriage certificate," Devin said immediately.

"Besides, we haven't even held a wedding ceremony. R

hown him a complete investigation report about this woman.

After reading the investigation report, Devin had been greatly shocked to know that the woman he had spent so much time with lately had once been a prostitute.

During that time, she must have slept with a lot of men.

As soon as Devin had thought this, he had felt a stabbing pain deep in his heart.

But now that Mamie had voluntarily told him the truth about her past, his opinion of her changed again.

Upon hearing her confession, Devin warmed up to her. He liked her a lot, not just because she resembled Jessie from the side face.

More than that, he had always been deeply fascinated with this woman's personality.

"Okay, baby. Don't think too much. I will surely take responsibility for you!"

"But now, without hair, I look so ugly..."

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