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   Chapter 1267 That Woman Is Too Evil

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 2977

Updated: 2019-12-20 00:12

So, Devin was crazy about Mamie. If he couldn't get Jessie, Mamie was the next closest thing.

Devin thought over Lenny's words and knew that what his father had said made sense, but he didn't want to abandon Mamie.

If he gave up on her, he would lose his last chance to fantasize about the woman he loved.

Jessie didn't like him.

Devin was quite clear about it.

Meanwhile, after Mamie was thrown out of the Nalan Clan's residence, she started to run quickly.

She was scared to the bone and covered her head with her coat. She was afraid that somebody would see her bald.

As she ran on the street, many people pointed at her and commented. "Why is such a beautiful lady bald? What a pity."

Mamie didn't dare to go back to the company, so she went to the apartment that Devin had arranged for her.

When she arrived there, she realized that the key was still at the com


"Devin, I'm sorry. I got you into trouble..."

Mamie started, preparing to strike first.

"I should be the one saying sorry. Who shaved your head?"

Devin touched Mamie's head with trembling hands.

He couldn't get used to the unfamiliar sensation. Seeing her bald gave him a strange feeling.

"Who do you think? Anyway, it's my fault. Your family's not happy about us seeing each other..."

"Stop. Haven't I told you why I married Patricia? Although we got a marriage certificate, we haven't had a wedding. I don't want to have a wedding with her. That woman is too evil."

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