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   Chapter 1266 She Looks Like Jessie

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"But I really don't like that woman! You know that she's only carrying my babies because I was drunk that day. I even suspect that she just seized the chance and drugged me."

Devin still regretted sleeping with her.

He had offended a devil for no reason and now, he had to marry her.

He was the Young Master of the Nalan Clan.

He was unwilling to marry such a woman.

"I don't care if you like her or not. Listen to me. The two of you have to become a loving couple before she gives birth to the two babies. The successor of the Nalan Clan can't be an object of public denunciation!"

"Father, what do you mean?"

Did Lenny just want the two babies, too? Was he just pretending to treat her well for now?

"I meant exactly what I said. I've finished my words. Be nice to her for now and break up with the other women."

"Why? Even if I have to pretend to be nice to Patricia, I don't need to stop seeing Mamie, right?"

Upon hearing Mamie's name, Lenny got angrier.

"You're shameless. How dare you talk about that woman? Who is she? How can she deserve you? She is a bitch. Do you think I haven't had her investigated?"

Mamie had used to be a famous hooker at a nightclub. She was a dirty woman who had served clients for a marked price.

"So what? I like her company, and she is my lover, just for fun."

"No. I said no. If you want a woman, you need to find a decent one."

Lenny made it crystal clear.

"All right. It's no problem if you want me to give up on Mamie. I can do that. But help me pursue Jessie,"

Devin responded crossly.

Lenny had already found out that Devin liked Jessie. He was an old fox.

But he hadn't talked to Devin about it because he thought that Jessie didn't deserve his son either.

However, the Luo Clan was better than the Zhuo Clan at least.

If he had known earlier what would happen between Patricia and Devin, he should have made Devin's wish of marrying Jessie come true back then. Now, it was too late.


friend borrow 100, 000 from a loan shark, but now, her friend had disappeared, so, as the guarantor, she had to repay the debt.

Under the unfair high interest, the debt had become 250, 000 now.

Mamie couldn't afford to repay it by herself, so she had come here alone to drink away her worries.

She also told Devin that she was planning to commit suicide after this drink, and that she just wanted to jump from a high building and kill herself. She felt that her life was unworthy.

When Mamie turned to take a sip of her drink, Devin once again caught sight of her profile, which looked exactly like Jessie's.

Devin felt like he was drinking with Jessie.

He had never been so near Jessie's face before, but Mamie's profile almost looked as good as the real thing.

So, Devin immediately promised to repay the debt on Mamie's behalf.

That night, Mamie slept with him to return his favor.

Devin had never investigated her background and didn't know if what she had said was true. In fact, he liked being with Mamie.

Later, in order to see Mamie anytime he wanted, Devin gave her a job as a secretary at the company and let her sit next to him so that he could see her profile. He had adjusted their desks carefully into the position where she looked the most like Jessie if he looked in her direction.

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