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   Chapter 1263 Punishment

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"Yes, I beat you. You deserve it. Mamie Chen, I would like to give you one more chance to voluntarily stay away from Devin,"

Patricia snapped back.

She had been standing for quite a while and felt a bit tired, so she found a seat and sat down. After all, she was pregnant.

"Why should I listen to you? Who the hell do you think you are? You're nobody,"

Mamie retorted rudely.

Patricia was, of course, greatly infuriated by these rude remarks. Hence, she decided to teach Mamie a lesson so that Mamie would leave Devin out of fear.

"Take her to my place," Patricia ordered the butler, who was standing beside her.

"Yes, Lady Patricia."

As soon as the butler waved his hand, the two servants beside him immediately stepped forward. One of them grabbed Mamie's left arm while the other grabbed her right.

Mamie tried hard to struggle out of their grasp.

"Let me off! The two of you, let go of me! What are you going to do? I want to see Master Devin!"

'See Master Devin?'

Patricia couldn't help sneering as she repeated those words in her mind.

In spite of Mamie's yells, she strode away.

When Lenny had left, Patricia had noticed that he was hinting at her to do something. After some thought, she had concluded that Lenny was suggesting for her to display her power and dignity in front of this mistress.

She had come up with a very good idea of punishing Mamie. But since they were in the office now, Patricia thought that it was inadvisable to teach Mamie a lesson here.

Mamie was dragged all the way out of the office by the servants. Devin, who was talking to his father in a meeting room near the office, took a step forward after hearing Mamie's yells, but before he could walk further, Lenny stopped him.

"If you still treat and respect me as your father, just sit down," Lenny said seriously.

"Father!" Devin didn't say anything more. Although he took a glance outside through the window of the meeting room, he chose to follow his father's order.

The truth was, he liked Mamie a lot, but for him, she was just a lover to burn.

Therefore, Devin decided to listen to his father instead of going out to save his lover.

While she was being dragged, Mamie clearly saw Devin looking at her through the window of the meeting room. But to her shock, Devin didn't so much as lift a finger to help her. Mamie felt disappointed that he didn't even want to stand up for her.

She was overwhelmed with grief at the thought that the man she had been intimate with every day was staring at her being dragged away by two servants without doing anything.

Patricia followed behind them too.

When they reached the parking lot,

Seeing that she was now completely under Patricia's mercy, Mamie realized that being stubborn would do her no good. In order not to suffer any more pain, she thought she'd better concede for now. She would have many chances to get back at this bitch after leaving this damned place.

"Good. You've acknowledged your mistake. But since you've done something wrong, you deserve some punishment. Butler, go and bring your razor here. Lend it to me for a while."

The butler nodded in a hurry and rushed to his quarters to bring his razor to Patricia.

When Mamie heard Patricia's words, her heart started racing in fear. "Why are you asking for the razor? You don't have to punish me. I swear to you that I will stay away from Devin. Earlier in the office, you said that you will give me some money if I leave Devin, didn't you? I'll leave here as soon as I get the money. After that, I'll never show up in front of Devin again!"

"Why didn't you agree to my request earlier? Are you afraid now?"

Patricia questioned with a smirk on her face.

About five minutes later, the butler returned with the razor and handed it to Patricia.

Holding the razor in her hand, Patricia slowly walked toward Mamie.

At the same time, the two servants held Mamie's arms tightly.

Mamie was only a weak woman.

With her arms held tightly by the two strong men, she couldn't move at all. On top of that, she was already feeling great pain all over her body.

Patricia turned on the electric razor, which produced a noisy buzzing sound.

With the buzzing razor in one hand, she reached out and gently ruffled Mamie's beautiful black hair with the other hand.

She had to admit that Mamie had conditioned her hair very well, as her black hair shone with luster and felt quite smooth.

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