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   Chapter 1262 You Deserve To Be Slapped

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Lenny saw Devin approach him, and he felt his anger rising within him.

"Who is that woman you are with? You have a lot of nerve to do this! She must have seduced you!"

Devin paused before answering his father, "Father, please do not blame Mamie."

Mamie? They seemed to be so close!

Patricia clenched her fists, in rage. She could not believe what was happening.

She wanted to say something, to curse Devin to the high heavens. Patricia wanted to give Devin a mouthful, but she held her tongue.

Patricia controlled herself, and allowed Lenny to handle the situation. He was, after all, the patriarch of the clan. His authority was respected, above all else.

"I'm not blaming her. This is all on you, Devin! You are solely responsible for the shame that you have brought upon us, today! You are a shame to the entire clan!"

"Father, please forgive me. It's not as bad as it seems. If you only give me a chance to explain..."

"How can you say that? I can't believe that you have the nerve to say something like that! Have you no shame?"

Lenny was furious, and he banged his fist against the table.

Lenny was quite fearsome when he got angry. His son did not dare speak back at him now. Not when he was this mad.

Devin realized that he had really crossed a line now. He had never seen his father this mad, not in a long time.

"Father, I am a man too. Is it wrong to love a woman? Father, I have witnessed your own indiscretions outside the house as well! I am not the only one who has done this before!"

Hearing Devin's words only made Lenny even angrier. It was his secret, and it was all true.

It was an open secret that Lenny had many mistresses, however no one dared talk about such things in public. Now Devin spoke about them out in the open, and this greatly embarrassed Lenny.

Lenny, moved towards Devin and slapped him across the face. Devin's face was thrown back from the impact of his father's open palm.

Lenny could not control his anger and slapped him a second time.

"What's wrong, father? Why do you slap me like that? Did I say something that embarrassed you? I only spoke what everyone knew all along."

Lenny inhaled deeply as he waved towards Devin. He motioned for him to follow him to a secluded room. "Let us go inside where we can speak, in private."

Devin clutched his cheek. His face was now red and swollen where h

er. A whore like you must have a price! Remember your station in life! You're nothing but a whore, and I am a lady of the Nalan Clan! Devin and I are to be married!"

Patricia knew that she had power and influence now. She was a part of the Nalan Clan, and she would let Mamie Chen know it.

After all, she was Devin's fiancee. Mamie Chen was nothing but a prostitute.

"How much money do you have? Don't act like you're better than me. I know your type. I'm sure you must have slept your way to the top. Did it feel good to get a taste of Devin? Sleeping with him was the only way, a woman like yourself would have gotten so powerful. We're not so different, you and me." Mamie Chen laughed with disdain. She had no respect for Patricia, at all.

Patricia could not take any more from Mamie Chen. She slapped her across her face, hard.

Mamie Chen could not contain herself any longer. She would not allow Patricia to slap her like that, without some kind of retribution. She was about to slap her back, and pull her hair, when one of the stewards came in. The steward was just in time to stop the fight from escalating. He grabbed Mamie Chen's hand, and stood in between the two angry ladies.

"How dare you! She is Lady Patricia, Young Master Devin's wife!"

"I don't care who she is! She slapped me first!"

Mamie Chen tried to wriggle free from the steward's grasp, but she could not. He had a grip like iron, and he was a strong man.

"How shameful you are to hook up with our Young Master! You deserve to be slapped!"

the steward sneered at Mamie Chen with disdain.

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