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   Chapter 1261 Noise From A Smaller Room

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7770

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"Okay, I am going to check it out," the housekeeper replied. It wasn't that Lenny couldn't find Devin and tell him to come back, but he just thought it wasn't particularly necessary to do so at the moment. After all, Devin was the young master of the Nalan Clan and he would eventually return home even though he was struggling to clear his thoughts right now. Besides, he would have to come back before Patricia gave birth to the babies. After that, the chances of Devin staying back for the babies would be higher. It wasn't unexpected of Lenny to consider Devin's feelings. After all, the boy was his son. Out of fatherly love, he had turned a blind eye towards Devin's behavior. Lenny was willing to make even more sacrifices for Devin. As a result, whether his son decided to come back home or not, Lenny would take his son's responsibilities upon himself. However, Lenny also needed to set Patricia's mind at ease and he would even force his son to follow through with the wedding if it came to it. Otherwise, he would lose his prestige as a father. In less than ten minutes, the housekeeper came in to report. "My Lord, I have asked around. Apparently, Master Devin has been at the branch company in New Town as of late." "Okay! Tell them to prepare the car. I am going there now." Patricia thought that since Lenny was going there himself, it would be better if Jessie hadn't shown up. If Jessie came with them, what would be her position? At first, Patricia was the one who thought about calling Jessie, but after mulling it over for a while she decided to go there with Lenny alone. "Father, please wait a moment. I have prepared some chicken soup for Devin. He's been staying at the company lately and I want to bring him something cooked from home." "I don't know what that bad boy ever did to deserve such a caring wife like you. I am ashamed of his lack of gratitude. Alas! Let's go, I will bring him back home today. The wedding shall happen no later than the day after tomorrow. I've already consulted the date with a few astrologers and they've said that it is indeed an auspicious day for your wedding. Housekeeper, go and prepare for the wedding at once. You have one day to take care of everything. I don't want to hear any excuses!" As soon as Lenny gave the order, the housekeeper nodded in assent before sca

r, what are you doing here?" Devin couldn't believe what he was seeing. The quilt was barely covering his body let alone the look of guilt he had in his eyes. "You should be ashamed of yourself before you ask me that question. What are you doing here?" "I am doing nothing. Can't you guys just please go out first?" Lenny's lips curled up in disgust and he shook his head in utter disappointment. The secretary was also terrified and she asked Devin, "What should we do?" "It's no big deal. Just put on your clothes first. Relax!" Devin patted her shoulder to comfort her. No matter what, Devin would take full responsibility for this. Before long the secretary and Devin got dressed. While Lenny and Patricia were seated in the office, waiting for them to come out. The more Lenny thought about it, the angrier he felt. This time Devin had gone too far. What kind of a man needed a secret room inside his office? What kind of a man behaved like that with his secretary? If Lenny hadn't seen it with his own eyes today, he would have never believed that his own son could be so pathetic. Lenny wouldn't have been angry at his son for having an intimate relationship with another woman, if only Devin hadn't promised Patricia before that he would marry her. Patricia was a pregnant woman, and how could Devin do this to her? If the outsiders found out about this then it would ruin their family name and reputation. "Father, why did you come here? And why didn't you tell me that you were coming?" said Devin as he came out of the room all by himself.

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