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   Chapter 1260 Bring Him Back

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6919

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Patricia hung up the phone. She considered her options and wondered what kind of excuse she could make for Lenny to go with her and find Devin. Devin had been missing for some time now, and Patricia knew that Lenny could really help her find Devin. Patricia was also aware that Lenny had recently had a big change of attitude towards her. Lenny had started to treat her much better than usual, and Patricia realized she could use this to her advantage. Patricia was not worried at all. She still had an ace up her sleeve. She was still a lady of the Nalan Clan. Despite the fact that her wedding with Devin had been delayed for so long, there was no denying her status in the clan. Everyone acknowledged this fact. This made Patricia a lot less anxious and more confident. Patricia kept this in mind, as she summoned her servant. "Go to the market to buy a chicken for me. I will make chicken soup." Patricia was a lady of the house, and didn't need to do such a menial job. It was unexpected that someone like Patricia would do such a menial task, and this left the servant confused. The servant made a hasty recommendation. "My Lady, if you want to drink some chicken soup, I can tell the people in the kitchen to prepare some for you. You don't need to make it by yourself." "Just do as I say!" Patricia was not in the mood to explain anything. "Okay, My Lady." The servant quickly went to work. Despite their ill treatment of her in the past, Patricia had always tried to be kind and civil to the servants. She had always tried to be respectful and hardly raised her voice. Patricia simply felt that there was no excuse for arrogance, no matter what the situation was. She always tried to be fair to the servants, never being too harsh, nor too soft. However, this was a different matter, altogether. She needed to gain even more of Lenny's favor than usual. She would have to raise her status in the clan even more. To do all that, Patricia would just have to enhance her status gradually in the Nalan Clan. Half an hour later, the servant had bought a chicken. Patricia

was wrong. There was something different about the way Patricia spoke to Lenny. He had known her well enough by now to sense such things. Was she crying? Lenny noticed that Patricia could barely hold the tears in her eyes. She looked away, just as he noticed her tears. "Father, I have to go now." Patricia was about to leave, but Lenny stopped her. "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Did Devin hurt you again?" Patricia shook her head as the tears began to fall freely now. "No, father. Devin has never hurt me. He just doesn't love me. I haven't seen him for so long!" "Alas, I have been so busy these past few days that I've failed to notice just how negligent Devin has become! He has not returned home in a month. How dare he?" Lenny was disappointed at his son. Patricia and Devin's wedding was supposed to be three weeks ago, but it never came to pass. It was Devin who had insisted that he marry Patricia. Lenny had thought that Devin was finally developing into a responsible and dutiful son, but he suddenly disappeared. This kind of behavior was something that Lenny just couldn't tolerate any longer. "I still believe that Devin will return. He couldn't have abandoned me." Lenny was moved by Patricia's words. He couldn't believe that his son would hurt a woman like her this way. "Housekeeper, go find Devin. I will bring him back home in person!" Lenny said coldly.

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