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   Chapter 1259 An Excessive Request

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4366

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"Honey, are you sure the agreement we signed will work?" Linda asked Charles.

"It should work. Grandpa has been thinking about this for a long time. Now it appears that his way is the best. With the signed agreement in effect, Lenny should stop causing trouble for the next few years. Besides, we know the lawyer very well. He won't let us down," Charles said.

The constant fighting with Lenny and the Nalan Clan had begun to take its toll on Linda. She was often very tired and stressed. It was because of these reasons, that Linda was grateful to her grandfather and his efforts to achieve lasting peace between the two clans.

"Hmm, I guess you're right. This kind of agreement can only promote and protect peace between the two clans, just as what Grandpa wants," Linda said.

"All right. It's settled then. We'll go with this plan. You should get some rest now, honey. You look really tired," Charles said.

"Yeah. I'll do that."

Perhaps the hatred between Linda and Lenny would never fade, but with the agreement, they would not be allowed to move against each other at least in the following twenty or thirty years. It was a forced peace, but that was still better than the usual constant fighting.

The agreement was a good thing. Linda was sure of it.

Linda lay in Charles' arms

ought about it for a long time and decided, she should do something. Devin had not come back home, and all sorts of rumors and speculation would be flying around. There could be no delay to the wedding, not anymore. Patricia decided to call Jessie. Patricia could not muster the courage to see Devin alone. She remembered that Jessie had once suggested that she accompany her. Patricia had not thought about taking up Jessie's offer, until now. Jessie heard everything Patricia said, and agreed to accompany her. "It would probably be a good idea if you also got Lenny to go with us. The three of us would surely have a good chance of getting to the bottom of all of this. You know how persuasive Lenny can be." "Okay." Jessie realized that Patricia had gained Lenny's favor recently. Surely Lenny would go with them if Patricia asked him to. It was a sensible request.

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