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   Chapter 1258 I Am Here To Help You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4381

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The old man announced how he decided to divide his property among all of them.

Rosy never expected that his grandfather would treat all of them fairly. She had always thought that everything would belong to his brother. At that moment, she realized that all her schemes to take some property for herself were ridiculous. She did not need to do anything at all. She need not fight against her brother since his grandfather would include her in his will. Even now, he was so kind to her.

Rosy felt kind of guilty at that moment.


"Don't say anything else. I have made up my mind to divide all my properties equally. Each of you will receive a share. However, I will ask all of you to sign the agreement to never take over each other's properties. If someone attempts something similar in the future, I will not give that person a penny! That person's share will be donated to a charity organization instead!"

The old man had predicted all the possibilities in the future and had prepared accordingly. His only goal was to protect the future of the Nalan Clan.

"Grandfather, please don't worry. As long as they do not bring me any trouble, I will not do anything against them. I will try to live with them in peace."

Linda was the first one to show a deferential attitude. Lenny t

ody guards of the Mu Security Team to follow him secretly. I'm sure they will protect our grandfather. You can just be yourself," he smiled comfortingly.

Then Charles took out his cell phone and showed it to Linda.

On the screen, there were a few messages.

Linda read the messages out loud. "Boss, the old man bought a flight ticket to London. We also bought the same flight not far from him."

"Boss, we have arrived in London. The Nalan Clan has businesses and properties here. The old man is currently staying in his largest manor in the city."

Charles had actually arranged everything. Realizing this, Linda felt really relieved.

She put her arms around Charles, leaned her head and sweetly rubbed her cheek against his. "It is really nice to have you."

Stroking the small of her back, Charles replied, "Don't worry. I am here to help you always."

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