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   Chapter 1257 Richard Remembered Everything

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The Mu Clan's villa was the setting where a small drama was about to unfold. Linda was still in the children's room when Charles had come home. Little Tomato and Little Potato had just fallen asleep, and Linda was about to retire for the night, herself.

Linda checked on the two lovely kids and then prepared to go to bed, but there was a knock on the door again.

She opened the door and was shocked to see the man in front of her.

It was her grandfather, Richard.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here?"

It had been some time since Linda had spoken with her grandfather, and this was truly a surprise for Linda.

"Linda, let's have a talk."

Linda noticed that there was an unusual clarity and sense of purpose in her grandfather's eyes.

Linda had wondered why he could barely remember anyone, or anything, after he had awakened.

Could it be that he didn't want to face something? Was he hiding something?

Linda had pretty much guessed what her grandfather was about to say. This time, Rosy had gone too far. If Linda hadn't worn a bullet-proof vest, she might have died. Richard showing up at her doorstep, only confirmed what she had thought.

Linda was sure that her grandfather had remembered everything.


Linda sat in the courtyard with her grandfather. The two of them sat facing each other, and prepared to talk.

It was getting warmer. Although it was almost midnight, it was not cold.

"Grandpa, you didn't lose memory, did you?" Linda asked.

Richard remained silent for a while and then finally opened his mouth.

"No. I just didn't know how to face all of you. My granddaughter even wanted to kill me."

Rosy was never her grandfather's favorite, but he was never abusive towards her. He definitely did not deserve an attempt on his life. It hurt Richard that Rosy would have tried to do such a thing.

"Grandfather, no need to face them if you don't want to. It doesn't matter." Linda stretched out her arms and hugged Richard.

Richard sighed. "It's just too much to bear everything that's happened. I just don't know what to say. You are the granddaughter I love most.

Richard noticed that his old chair had been removed. Richard could not help but feel a little sad at the old chair's absence. It was a comfortable reminder of times past, and Richard could not help but wonder how fast time was moving now.

It was truly time for a change. Richard's son had proven to be a responsible leader. It was only right that he took over leadership of the Nalan Clan.

"Tell Rosy and Devin to come here." After taking a seat, Richard spoke calmly.

Lenny immediately told someone to bring Rosy and Devin.

Rosy saw Richard sitting at the head of the table. She felt intimidated and moved a few steps backward.

"Rosy, Devin, come here." Richard waved at Rosy and Devin

"Grandfather..." Devin was surprised and joyful to see his grandfather, but Rosy hesitated.

Linda was about to say something to Rosy and the others, but she held her tongue. She remembered what her grandfather had advised. This was not the time for conflicts, not anymore. This was the time to fix things.

Richard had made his decision, and Linda would honor her grandfather's wishes.

"I understand that there has been a lot of tension between all of you, recently. I know that there's been a lot of fighting, but I do believe that it is time that it all comes to an end. There is no point to any of it, and we are all one family, Mu or Nalan. I believe that we should work together for everyone's benefit."

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