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   Chapter 1256 Change The Attitude Toward Patricia

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Devin stared at the test report, still unable to believe it.

The rumor was spreading as if it was the truth.

Devin himself had always thought that that was the truth.

After all, he had had sex with Patricia only once, and that too had been an accident.

Under such a situation, a woman only had a slim chance of getting pregnant.

Devin hadn't worried much about it in the first place.

However, it had turned out that he was so unlucky that he had gotten a girl pregnant the very first time they had had sex.

So when this compelling rumor that Patricia's children weren't his had popped up, Devin had immediately believed it and impulsively brought Patricia here to have a test.

He'd never imagined that the result would say that he was the real father after all.

And now, his father had even demanded him to marry Patricia as soon as possible.

Being cursed with such misfortune made Devin want to hit someone.


Devin opened his mouth to say something, but Lenny interrupted him.

"There's no need to say anything about this. I've made a decision. Just do as I said. Don't stir up any more trouble!"

With these words, Lenny turned around and left.

Devin stood there with a regretful expression on his face. Then, he glanced at Patricia and snorted before striding away, which made Patricia feel bad.

But after Devin was gone, she let out a sigh of relief.

"I need to go now, I have something to do. Be careful. I can help you once or twice, but I can't help you every time in the future. You need to use your brain..."

Jessie didn't spell everything out for Patricia.

A wise person would be able to read between the lines.

Patricia was confused in the beginning, but she pondered over Jessie's words for a while and eventually understood what she meant.

"I see," she replied.

Jessie took out a bank card from her handbag and gave it to Patricia.

"I know you don't have much money now, but you need to figure out a way to get some money. You can't do

tricia up and down and found that her coat looked familiar.

"Is this your coat?"

"Oh, Rosy didn't like this coat anymore, so she gave it to me."

"She didn't like it? Why didn't you buy new clothes?"

"I... I don't have money. You know, because of my brother, my family and I..." Patricia trailed off awkwardly.

But she didn't need to finish the sentence; Lenny understood.

Things had turned out this way.

In the past, Lenny had made a deal with Holly.

Of course Patricia would feel unhappy. Lenny had had his own intentions at that time. But now, thinking about it, he felt guilty in front of Patricia.

"It's my fault, but I hope you can understand me. Your family is indeed different from ours, so I didn't think that..."

Before Lenny finished his words, Patricia interrupted him.

"I understand, father. There's no need to explain. It's my honor to be your daughter-in-law."

"Hmm, well, you don't need to wear Rosy's old clothes in the future. You are a lady of the Nalan Clan, and you should dress well. Tell the housekeeper if you need anything. He will buy it for you."

Then, Lenny gave a bank card to Patricia and said, "There is one million in this bank card. I will tell the housekeeper to transfer one million to the card as your pocket money every month. If you need more, just tell the housekeeper."

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