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   Chapter 1255 The Paternity Test

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7487

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"Why can't you believe me? Why should we have the paternity test again? We already did this before, right? I'm six months pregnant now. Doing another amniocentesis will be bad for the fetus. If you don't believe me, you can ask the doctors!"

Patricia remembered that Lenny had warmed up to her a little in the past, so she struggled away from Devin and then got down on her knees in front of Lenny.

"Do you agree with me at least? There are twins in my belly..."

Lenny thought about it for a moment, and his silence made it clear that he agreed. But Devin didn't want to let it go.

"The paternity test must be carried out again! My suspicions aren't completely baseless. If there's nothing for you to hide, why are you refusing to have the paternity test again?"

Tears ran down Patricia's cheeks and she grabbed the hem of Lenny's trousers.

"Doing the amniocentesis will hurt our babies. I'm really worried about them... They have to suffer this before they're even born... They have to accept the amniocentesis twice..."

If the paternity test only hurt Patricia, Lenny would not mind making her have it.

But the test could hurt the babies.

If the babies that Patricia was carrying were really his grandchildren and they got hurt because of the amniocentesis, it would be a bad outcome. After all, those babies were supposed to carry on the Nalan Clan's bloodline.

"If that's the case, let's not have the paternity test now. I will trace the news and find out where it came from. It might be just rumors,"

Lenny said after contemplating for a short while.

"No! Father, we have to take the paternity test today! I'll face the consequences, whatever they are!"

Devin had reached his limit.

Moreover, he had changed in the past few months. Before, he'd wanted to act like a hero in front of Jessie.

He'd wanted the woman he loved to know that he was a big man now and that he could shoulder his responsibilities.

He'd done all this just to put up an act in front of Jessie.

But now, the situation was different. The babies might not even be his. If they weren't his, why should he shoulder the responsibility for them?

In the end, Patricia was forced to take the paternity test at the hospital.


It was the truth. But Devin didn't dare to believe it and even insisted on doing another paternity test.

Amniocentesis could harm the babies, so it wasn't supposed to be carried out again and again.

"Of course I believe the doctors that we recruited. I'm just worried that the test isn't accurate!"

"So will you only be happy if Patricia had an affair with another guy? Is it so bad that the babies are yours? Don't forget that it was you who insisted on marrying her!" Lenny scolded.

Devin felt helpless when he heard these words. He had been threatened into promising to marry Patricia!

Moreover, he had wanted to act like a brave man so that Jessie would regard him as a man who could take responsibility.

He'd wanted Jessie to realize that he was a man worth marrying.

But now, Devin felt nothing but regret. He did not know what to do.

"Here's what you're going to do. Do not doubt Patricia anymore. I will get someone to check when the nearest auspicious date is. You should get married to Patricia on that day. Don't delay it!"

Lenny sneered coldly.

Devin stood rooted to the spot in shock and regret.

Patricia did not say anything either. Previously, she'd had some hope that Devin would change his attitude toward her. She'd even imagined that she could really have his baby one day. She'd been nothing but nice to Devin. The only bad thing she'd done to him was to trick him into marrying her even though the baby she was carrying wasn't his.

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