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   Chapter 1254 Had Two Strings To His Bow In All Cases

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"For the time being, let's not take any action against the Nalan Clan. I'll deal with Rosy on my own. In the meantime, I'll tell my grandfather about what Rosy did,"

Linda said hurriedly, guessing that Charles wanted to take revenge against Rosy and the Nalan Clan.

After all, Linda knew that Charles loved her a lot. She also knew how angry he must be after hearing about everything that had happened to her over the past few days when he had been abroad on a business trip.


Charles replied shortly with a firm nod after staying quiet for a while. In the past, he would have ordered his men to wipe out the Nalan Clan without any hesitation. But now, he had become a lot more mature and knew how to maintain his composure.

"Honey, I love you. Thank you for your consideration,"

Linda replied softly with a smile.

Meanwhile, at the Nalan Clan's residence, Patricia was sitting in front of the TV.

The program she was watching was reporting entertainment news.

She clenched her fists tightly, eagerly anticipating the juicy tidbits about Linda that were about to be reported.

But all of a sudden, she heard a piece of news about herself.

The news shocked her to the core, and her eyes became filled with a mixture of fear and hatred.

"Today, we have some breaking news to share with you. According to insider information, Patricia, the lady who is engaged to Master Devin of the Nalan Clan, is pregnant with someone else's baby. How shocking the news is! To know more interesting news from us, you can log in to our forum right away..."

'Who on earth revealed this secret?

Almost no one else knows the truth. Is it Rosy? Or did Jessie expose the secret?' Patricia wondered anxiously.

After giving it some thought, she concluded that Rosy couldn't have been the one who had revealed the secret to the media. For the past few days, Rosy hadn't been able to think about anything other than her hand amputation. So, Patricia thought that Rosy couldn't have been in the mood to sabotage anyone else.

Since Rosy couldn't have been the one who leaked the information, Patricia thought it must be Jessie.

Once this thought entered her head, she found it hard to keep her temper. She immediately took her mobile phone out and called Jessie.

"Is it you?"

"What do you mean?"

Jessie was confused. She had no idea what Patricia was talking about.

"Didn't you see the news on TV?"

"Just tell me whatever you want to say. Stop talking nonsense," Jessie said impatiently.

After taking a deep breath, Patricia explained, "Just now, an entertainment news channel reported that the baby in my belly is not Devin's. Did you reveal the secret to them?"

Jessie couldn't help bursting into laughter when she heard that. "Why would I do that?

What good will harming you bring me?" she asked mockingly.

She thought Pat

Seeing that Patricia still remained on the floor, Devin grabbed one of her hands in an attempt to drag her outside.

Just when the two of them had reached the door of the room, Lenny came into view.

"What are you doing?" Lenny asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Father, you must have read the news, right? I'm going to take her to our hospital to undergo a paternity test. If the test results show that I am not the babies' biological father..."

Devin trailed off. He was feeling annoyed and embarrassed that he was supposed to be marrying a woman who was bearing another man's child.

If the news turned out to be true, he would become a laughingstock.

Everyone in his friends' circle would know that he'd been betrayed by his fiancee. Just the thought of this drove Devin mad with anger.

"I didn't cheat on you! Devin, you're the babies' biological father. Trust me. You can't believe outside gossip. Perhaps some business rival of the Nalan Clan has intentionally spread the fake news so that we would break up,"

Patricia explained while crying.

Hearing this, Lenny thought that Patricia's explanation made sense to some degree.

"Do you know what you're doing? Let go of her right now. All the servants are looking at you. Remember your manners! As far as I remember, you're the one who insisted on marrying her, aren't you? Are you regretting your decision now? Whatever the truth is, let's not do anything rash until she undergoes a paternity test."

Lenny was a cautious person.

Like Devin, he was also certain that nothing could happen without a reason. Hence, he believed that the paternity test result was the only way to conclude whether Patricia was lying to them or not.

Deep in his mind, this paternity test was a necessity. What if Patricia had really made the whole thing up?

Whatever it was, Lenny deemed that he should have two strings to his bow in all cases.

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