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   Chapter 1253 I Was Too Tolerant Toward Her

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"What's the matter with you again?"

The doctor wrote on Rosy's medical records, without giving Rosy a second glance.

"My hand. It's my hand, doctor."

"There is nothing wrong with your hand. Your wound has been bound up and sterilized."

"I think there's something more to the wound, doctor. Something's wrong."

The doctor thought that something must really be wrong with Rosy. Why was she even asking if something was wrong with the wound? Hadn't her wound already been treated by some other doctor?

'It was just a minor injury, and that was that. What else could be hidden in her wound?

What else could be in there? Lord Voldemort? The Hulk or Ultraman?' The doctor couldn't help but think so lowly of Rosy. She seemed quite paranoid.

"Girl, have a look. How many people are waiting in line outside? They've got a lot more serious injuries than you, and I'm a busy man. Don't make trouble here, okay? You have been to more than ten hospitals. There is nothing serious for your hand. And it has been sterilized. You're young and strong, and you will surely recover."

The doctor put up his glasses and was about to turn away from Rosy. But Rosy was not done. Upon hearing the doctor's words, she flew into a rage and her face went red.

"I am not trying to make trouble. You're all quacks! You have checked for a long time but got nothing. And you even said that I am looking for trouble?"

Rosy's bodyguards remained silent, as they did not dare reveal what they were thinking. They also thought the lady was making a big scene about nothing. It was obviously a minor injury and had been bound up tightly. It was no big deal at all.

The bodyguards felt that Rosy was obviously overreacting.

She didn't need to pay so much attention to a little wound.

"My Lady, let's go home. The doctor said it is nothing serious. Have a good rest after going back, and you will recover soon."

One of the bodyguards managed to muster enough courage to speak his mind to Rosy.

"What the hell do you know?"

Rosy snapped.

"I am tel

osy in the back.

"Rosy is just plain stupid."

Charles shook his head. He had heard enough, and it was time to talk about something other than Rosy's misfortunes.

"Paul, Cindy, Dragon, please excuse us. I have something to tell Linda,"

Charles said. His tone was very serious.

Everybody understood and left, leaving only Linda and Charles together.

"What's wrong, honey?"

Linda noticed Charles' unusual expression. It seemed as if something was bothering him.

Charles suddenly held Linda in his arms tightly.

"What's up? Honey, is there something wrong?"

Linda couldn't understand why Charles was behaving this way.

Linda asked several times, but Charles didn't answer. He just hugged her as tightly as he could. He hugged her so tight that she felt hard to breathe.

After a long while, Charles loosened his tight grip on Linda.

"Rosy shot at you?"

Charles' voice was grim and serious.


There was no denying it now.

"It seems that I was too tolerant toward her."

Linda didn't know what Charles wanted, but she had promised her grandfather that they would try to live in peace with the Nalan Clan.

She would discuss this with them later.

After all, Richard was the father of Linda's mother, and Linda was still a part of the Nalan Clan.

And her grandfather did not want them fighting against each other.

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