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   Chapter 1252 Had She Really Come Here To Make Trouble

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So, Patricia had guessed that Linda must have worn a bulletproof vest. Otherwise, how could she have still stood at the same place without being hurt after getting shot by a gun?

"Are you sure? I think Linda Xia is a demon!" Rosy didn't believe what Patricia said. How could Linda have been wearing a bulletproof vest?

Could she have known that Rosy was going to shoot her?

This thought made Rosy feel even more fearful of Linda. Of course, she hated her even more as well.

"How can she be a demon? There is no such thing! She must have been wearing a bulletproof vest," Patricia repeated.

"You, get out of here! Thanks to your idea, I've been hurt by Linda again! There's a wound on my other hand too!" Rosy yelled.

Patricia felt aggrieved to hear this.

'Why didn't you run away when Linda Xia was trying to cut you? Can't you fight back? What, do you only raise your head in front of me? All you dare to do is to act like a hero in front of me! You just bully the weak and fear the strong!' Patricia thought to herself.

Ignoring Patricia's silence, Rosy continued, "What should I do? How should I deal with it? Does this mean that my other hand has to be...?" She trailed off, not daring to finish the sentence.

At that moment, she felt like her right hand hurt even more than her left one.

Patricia had nothing else to say, so she brought Rosy back to her ward.

Soon, the doctor examined Rosy's hand.

During the examination, Rosy gritted her teeth and tightly knitted her eyebrows in pain.

After half an hour, the medical report was out. Rosy had been so impatient while waiting for it that she'd thrown around everything in her ward to vent her fear and anger.

"Lady Rosy, the situation is not that bad. This new wound on your hand is merely a cut. We've cleaned it for you. What you need to do is to have a good rest."

"So that's all? But how can that be? Linda Xia told me that she poisoned me. She said that this hand would have to be amputated too, just like the other one,"

Rosy murmured in a low voice.

"Lady Rosy, we've checked again and again, and we didn't find any problems. This is just a normal cut. After a few days, this hand will be as good as before. There won't even be a scar,"

the doctor explained to Rosy again, trying to be patient.

The truth was, in the Nalan Clan's private hospital, more than one doctor hated Rosy very much.

Ever since she had been admitted to the hospital, she had caused a lot of trouble for the doctors

l, where your feelings are the most important."

Hearing the bodyguard's words, the doctor realized something.

He saw the few bodyguards in black suits standing behind the woman. Was she from a wealthy clan?

That would explain her bad temper.

But why did a lady from a wealthy clan want to see a doctor at a public hospital instead of a private one?

Did she prefer public hospitals? Was it fun to come to the public hospital as there were so many patients? Did she want something new?

Did she want to experience the life of ordinary people?

Thinking about this, the doctor shook his head.

Anyway, now that she was here, she was his patient. A doctor had to treat all his patients the same.

"Tell me, what is wrong with you? Give me your medical record."

Before, Rosy had had a fever for a few days and hadn't gone to the hospital until it was too late. That was why her hand was infected so badly and she had to go ahead with the amputation procedure.

Now, she'd come here to have her new wound examined, so she thought that she shouldn't mind the attitude of the doctor too much. Thus, she sat down on the chair in front of the doctor even though she was reluctant to.

The bodyguard passed her medical record to the doctor.

The doctor checked it carefully and realized that she had gone to more than ten hospitals on the same day.

Had this woman really come here to make trouble? The doctor couldn't help wondering about this again.

Then, he found out the cause of her wound.

She had merely been accidentally cut by a knife. It wasn't even as bad as some of the wounds people obtained when they cut themselves while cooking!

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